Aperitifs & Digestifs

Looking to stoke your appetite before your dinner? Or aid in digestion after a big meal? These aperitifs and digestifs get the job done. Check out these spirit-forward recipes and get mixing.
Man o' War cocktail with lemon peel and cherry garnish
Man o’ War
pimm's cup cocktail with cucumber, mint and strawberry garnishes
Pimm’s Cup
Americano cocktail
Reddish-hued French Martini in silver-rimmed coup glass, on bronze tray
French Martini
scotch and soda cocktail in a highball glass with ice
Scotch & Soda
Dark n Stormy cocktail
Dark ’n Stormy
Scofflaw cocktail
absinthe drip with sugar cube and slotted spoon
Absinthe Drip
vieux carre cocktail in gold-laced glass with lemon peel garnish
Vieux Carré
Death in the Afternoon cocktail
Death in the Afternoon
Last Word cocktail
Last Word
Greenpoint cocktail in a coupe with lemon peel garnish
Negroni Sbagliato
Negroni Sbagliato
boulevardier cocktail over one large ice cube and with an orange peel garnish
St-Germain cocktail on wooden table with St-German bottle
St-Germain Cocktail
Revolver cocktail in a coupe glass with an orange peel garnish
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz
Set the New Year on Fire cocktail in a collins glass, garnished with a flaming lime shell
Set the New Year on Fire
Channel Orange cocktail
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ginger ale highball cocktail with ice, served against a dark backdrop
Ginger Ale Highball
Red-orange El Presidente cocktail in a stemmed glass
El Presidente
Winter Sour cocktail in a cocktail glass, layered with red at bottom and a white frothy top, garnished with a rosemary sprig
Winter Sour
Bourbon Lift cocktail
Bourbon Lift
A coupe with a copper rim rests on a light wooden table. It’s filled with a pale gold cocktail.
Holy Smokes
A tall highball glass with thin walls holds a light golden, bubbly drink. A number of large ice cubes, a wheel of lime and a sprig of mint finish the drink. The surface below is hard wood.
Yerba Buena
Corpse Reviver No 2 cocktail in coupe glass, shot against black marble background
Corpse Reviver No. 2
Dirty Martini in a coupe glass with three olives as a garnish, and a side dish of olives in the background
Dirty Martini
Harvey Wallbanger cocktail
Harvey Wallbanger
Hanky Panky cocktail in a coupe glass with an orange peel garnish
Hanky Panky
rusty nail cocktail served in a rocks glass over one large ice cube
Rusty Nail
Vibrant red Mezcal Negroni in etched rocks glass on marble background, with orange garnish
Mezcal Negroni
A Collins glass filled with clear ice cubes and an amber-hued effervescent drink
Gibson martini in an etched Nick & Nora glass on marble background, showing signature cocktail onion garnish on a metal pick
Stinger cocktail in a rocks glass against a white background
French Connection cocktail served over ice in a crystal-cut rocks glass
French Connection
clear chilcano cocktail in a square-shaped rocks glass with ice, sitting beside two curled lime peels
red-hued Modern cocktail in a coupe glass with a skewered cherry balanced on the rim
The Modern
inside job cocktail in an Old Fashioned glass, garnished with two skewered cherries and an orange peel
Inside Job
An elegant coupe with a faceted stem rests on smooth gray concrete. The glass holds a light amber drink and a thin slice of lemon.
Improved Holland Gin Cocktail
Billionaire cocktail
Red Hook cocktail in a cocktail glass with a skewered cherry balanced on the rim
Red Hook
Fall & Summer
A tapered Collins glass sits on a pale blonde placement. The glass is filled with a light golden sparkling beverage over ice and garnished with a lime wheel. The background is sky blue.
Irish Buck
Another Fine Mes
Another Fine Mes
An elegant cocktail glass with intricate designs holds a dark red cocktail, with a lemon peel on a metal pick.
A faceted cocktail coupe sits on a marble surface. A beam of light illuminates a golden beverage within, and a thin slice of lemon peel. The rest of the photo is in shadow.
Bobby Burns
A wide, flat coupe rests on a marble surface. It’s filled with a golden cocktail.
Pegu Club
Tootsie Roll cocktail in a coupe, with a skewered cherry garnish balanced on the rim
Tootsie Roll
A bright yellow shaken cocktail served in a short coupe glass with a dramatic beveled stem; the drink is placed on a white marble surface with a dark, shadowy background
Monte Cassino
Smuggler's Cove Straits Sling cocktail in a collins glass with a lemon slice garnish and a black straw
Smuggler’s Cove Straits Sling
A chilled, yellow-hued Martini served in a clear Martini glass on a round black tray
Coco Chanel
red-colored Tart ’n' Sand cocktail in a coupe with an orange wheel, set in a sunbeam on a dark granite counter
Tart ’n’ Sand
amber-colored Cooperstown cocktail in a cocktail glass, served on a gray granite surface
Ginger Smash cocktail with pineapple leaf, served on round, woven coaster
Ginger Smash
Mata Hari Cocktail in a coupe, garnished with two dried rosebuds and served on a white bar napkin
Mata Hari
A Collins glass filled with ice, a vodka and aquavit Collins, and a lemon wedge is set against a stark white backdrop.
Barents Sea Collins
On a metal bar tray, a chunky rocks glass holds a bright orange cocktail. An ice cube pokes from the top of the drink, as does a thin slice of lemon peel.
Ginger Rabbit
Polar Bear cocktail, pale yellow, in engraved coupe glass on grey textured background
Polar Bear
A sturdy looking rocks glass is filled with clear ice and the iconic crimson-hued Negroni, and is garnished with a slice of orange. The background is gray.
Neighborhood Negroni