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How to Make Boozy Snow Cones 3 Different Ways

They're the most delicious way to beat the heat.

Boozy snow cones / Tim Nusog

Sorry, Snoopy: These boozy snow cones aren’t for you, or for kids.

Instead of sugar and food coloring, these versions contain fresh fruit and citrus juice, strong espresso and, of course, alcohol.

Though snow cones are customarily made by pouring flavored syrup over balls of shaved ice, these sauced versions break from tradition. The booze-and-liquid combinations are frozen until solid, then raked with the tines of a fork into fluffy, flavorful crystals. No shaving required!

They may not have the nostalgic appeal of the blue-raspberry snow cones you had as a kid. But they taste much better, and are a very adult way to merge booze and brain freeze in one refreshing package.

  • Blackberry-Lime Rickey Snow Cones

    Blackberry-Lime Rickey Snow Cone / Tim Nusog

    Based on the Rickey style of cocktails, this snow cone calls for a mix of vodka, lime juice and a sweetened blackberry syrup. Tart and earthy, it mixes the best of summer flavors into one frosty scoop.

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  • Espresso-Rum Snow Cones

    Espresso-Rum Snow Cone / Tim Nusog

    Espresso granita with whipped cream is a classic Italian treat. This version takes it one step further, calling for adding a heavy pour of aged rum to the mix. The freshly made whipped cream lends a hit of richness to balance out the caffeinated intensity. How’s that for la dolce vita?

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  • Peach Bourbon Smash Snow Cones

    Peach Bourbon Smash Snow Cone / Tim Nusog

    Bourbon and peaches are two Southern favorites, and this recipe combines them in the most refreshing of ways. Bourbon joins peach nectar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a bit of simple syrup infused with fresh mint for a Julep-like note. It’s the summer bourbon treat you didn’t even know you were craving.

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