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Boozy Nutter Butters

Boozy Nutter Butters
Image: / Tim Nusog

Who doesn’t love a Nutter Butter? The peanut-butter-flavored cookies are a favorite of kids and adults alike. The grown-ups who’ve stuck with the snack since their school years now get a special treat: a boozy adults-only version. 

These goodies see the peanut-shaped cookies deconstructed then refilled with a mixture of creamy peanut butter and Frangelico. The hazelnut-flavored liqueur is made in Italy’s Piedmont region and packs a bold nutty flavor that enhances rather than imitates that of the cookie and peanut butter, with its additional notes of chocolate, coffee and vanilla. It’s a relatively low 40 proof, so in order to get a buzz off these cookies, you’d have to consume far more than would be nutritionally advisable. Instead, the appeal of the treats is in their fantastic flavor—and the solid excuse they provide not to share them with your kids.


  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter

  • 3 cups confectioners' sugar

  • 3 ounces Frangelico

  • 15 Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookies


  1. Mix the peanut butter, sugar and Frangelico using an electric mixer at high speed and beat until smooth.

  2. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to set. (Note that peanut butter consistency varies considerably by brand; you may need to add more sugar to thicken your filling or add a little milk to thin it.)

  3. While the mixture chills, twist apart the cookies, removing and discarding the filling.

  4. When the mixture has set firm, spread about a tablespoon onto each cookie half and top with another cookie half. Chill again to set before serving.