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Cocktail Recipes

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Classic Bloody Mary

Vodka , Classics

While the origin of this popular brunch cocktail is debatable, the Bloody Mary's staying power leaves no question. The Bloody Mary is a vodka-soaked nutritional breakfast and hangover cure all in one. What else can you want?

Stoli Bloody Mary

Vodka , Classics

You decide exactly how to season this brunch-time classic.

Bloody Caesar

Vodka , Classics

This clam juice-spiked Bloody Mary is the national cocktail of Canada.

Grey Goose Mediterranean Mary


Olive tapenade and herbs take this savory Bloody Mary to another level.

Bloody Bulldog

Gin , Classics

No reason vodka should have a monopoly on tomato-juice cocktails.

Elixir Bloody Mary

Vodka , Classics

San Francisco bartender and advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann says this is the world's best Bloody Mary recipe.

Bayou Bloody Mary

Vodka , Classics

An extra-spicy Bloody Mary gets a crawfish-tail garnish for New Orleans flair.

Basil Hayden’s Bloody Mary

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

A bourbon Bloody Mary? Try this unusual concoction for brunch.


Liqueurs , Modern Classics

A cocktail you can really sink your teeth into.

Ardbeg’s Smoky Bloody Mary

Scotch Whiskey , Modern Classics

Why settle for the usual Bloody Mary? Give it a delectable smoky update by adding Ardbeg and all the right garnishes. It will quickly be clear how premium scotch can elevate the classic vodka cocktail.

Hopped-Up Bloody Mary

Vodka , Classics

Hops-infused vodka makes this a brunch drink for beer lovers.

Karlsson’s Summer Bloody Mary


This spicy, gingery spin on the brunch classic is perfect for a warm day.

Bloody Maria

Tequila , Classics

Tequila shoulders out vodka in this south-of-the-border spin on the brunch-favorite Bloody Mary. Laced with two brands of hot sauce, the Bloody Maria gains extra kick from a hefty dose of horseradish and is generously garnished with a cucumber spear, jalapeño slices and queso fresco.

Smokin’ Mary

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Love savory flavors? Four different smoky ingredients combine in a tasty liqueur that's the base for this Bloody Mary variation.

Bloody Sherry

Gin , Modern Classics

This cocktail combines blood orange and lemon oleo saccharum with gin and a little sherry to cut the sweetness.

Don Julio’s Bloody Maria

Tequila , Classics

Who says a Bloody Mary needs to be made with vodka? Try this tequila take on the classic.

Holy Guac-a-Mary

Tequila , Modern Classics

Tequila and tomatillo "salsa" take this Bloody Mary to Mexico.

Bloody Mason

Vodka , Classics

This spicy Bloody Mary recipe won Absolut’s 2013 America’s Best Bloody award.

Bloody Roman

Beer , Modern Classics

Celebrity chef Chris Cosentino begins brunch with this spicy, beer-based, oyster-topped culinary concoction.

Bloody Kirby

Vermouth / Aperitif Wine Vodka , Modern Classics

Don’t let Mary steal all of the limelight.