Cocktail Recipes

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Liqueurs , Hot

Give your winter Toddy a Greek vacation by adding Tentura, a Greek liqueur spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Apple Toddy

Bourbon / American Whiskey Brandy / Cognac , Hot

Childhood memories of apple cider with a little something extra to remind you why being an adult is OK, too.

Gaelic Flip

Irish Whiskey Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Classics

Fortify yourself with the Irish-whiskey-and-egg Gaelic Flip cocktail.

Tennessee Two Step

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

A strong whiskey concoction and a fizzy lemon-juice mix combine in an elegant dance.

Two-Hit Fig Punch

Bourbon / American Whiskey Rum , Punches

Whiskey and spiced rum spike this fresh-fruit punch.

Pyrat Punch

Rum , Punches Tiki / Tropical

Hoist one to the skull and bones. Arrr!

USS Richmond Punch

Brandy / Cognac Rum , Classics Punches

All hands on deck for the historic quadruple-liquor USS Richmond Punch.

Uncle Angelo’s Eggnog

Bourbon / American Whiskey Rum , Classics Punches

You’ll be claiming Angelo as your own relative after just one sip of this delightful Eggnog recipe.

Coffee Cocktail

Brandy / Cognac , Classics

The classic Coffee Cocktail is actually caffeine-free.

Timmy’s Brandy Milk Punch

Brandy / Cognac , Classics Frozen / Blended Punches

Enjoy the classic New Orleans cocktail, Brandy Milk Punch, with brunch.

(ri)1 Spiced Rye Punch

Rye Whiskey , Punches

Spike your iced tea with rye whiskey.

Jack-o-Lantern Punch

Rum , Punches

Mix up a whole bunch of this fall-flavored punch for your Halloween party.

Apples & Pears

Vodka , Modern Classics

This autumnal vodka cocktail contains both.

Barbados Rum Punch

Rum , Punches Tiki / Tropical

An island paradise right in your glass.

Martha Washington Punch

Rum , Punches

Try the first First Lady's famous rum-and-citrus drink.

Lights Out Punch

Tequila Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Punches

With tea-infused vermouth and tequila, this fizzy concoction is a cocktail-party champion.

Mount Gay Hot Buttered Rum

Rum , Hot

A mug of this rich drink will fortify you against the cold and snow.

Tom & Jerry

Brandy / Cognac Rum , Classics

Make any day a holiday by fixing a bowl of decadent Tom & Jerry.


Scotch , Modern Classics

This scotch cocktail will warm you up for a night of caroling, or any time.

Mount Gay Rum Punch

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

This old-timey favorite will keep a whole houseful of guests satisfied.

Chocolate Cheer

Tequila , Modern Classics

Cheerleaders would be a lot more entertaining if they practiced this one more often.

Banks Milk Punch

Brandy / Cognac Rum , Classics Punches

Rum, cognac and just a dash of vanilla flavor this rich favorite.

Brandy Alexander

Brandy / Cognac , Classics

With cream, crème de cacao and brandy, classic is a creamy, indulgent delight. With many details of its origin unknown, the Brandy Alexander became popular in the early 20th century. Try this cocktail as a decadent after-dinner sipper.

Teatime Toddy

Rum , Hot

This classic hot cocktail goes tropical with a slug of spiced rum.

Pumpkin Nog

Rum , Modern Classics Punches

Tony Abou-Ganim's tasty pumpkin and cinnamon cocktail is the perfect drink for a fall party.

Airmail Punch

Rum , Punches

A teacup is the unusual vessel for this Champagne-topped rum drink.

Hendrick’s Hot Gin Punch

Gin , Hot Punches

This fruity punch will keep a large group warm and happy.

Cruzan Flip

Rum , Classics

With rum, cream and egg, this drink is the perfect nightcap.

Baldwin Apple

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

This autumnal apple-brandy cocktail gets added depth from three different rich syrups.

Lime Bumboo

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

A lime brown sugar syrup gives this tropical refresher complex flavor.

Hot Caramel Buttered Rum

Rum Vodka , Classics Hot

The ultimate indulgence: a sweet caramel-and-spice cocktail with a pat of rich butter.