Cocktail Recipes

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Mint Julep

Bourbon / American Whiskey Whiskey , Classics

Celebrate Derby Day year-round with the Mint Julep, a classic bourbon refresher.

Wild Turkey Mint Tea

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Punches

Try this summertime favorite with a bourbon punch.

Antiguo Citrus Mint Squeeze

Tequila , Modern Classics

A little sour, a little sweet, a little fizzy and a lot of tequila.

Mint Muse

Absinthe , Modern Classics

Get inspired by absinthe, mint and pineapple juice.

Minted Man

Vodka , Modern Classics

It'll be the Invisible Man after you taste this cool cocktail.

Cognac Mint Julep

Brandy / Cognac , Classics

Make this classic the old-fashioned way, with French brandy.

Bulleit Mint Julep

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

Spicy rye whiskey gives the Southern classic a bit more edge.

Traditional Mai Tai

Rum , Classics Tiki / Tropical

In Tahitian, “Mai Tai” means “The best—out of this world,” as exclaimed by the first person to taste Trader Vic’s original version. The iconic tiki drink was created to showcase the flavor of good quality rum, and should never be neon-colored or overly sweet. A proper Mai Tai is a deep amber hue and allows the rum to shine through.


Rum , Classics Tiki / Tropical

What's the perfect way to capture summer all year long? A well-mixed Mojito, of course. A decedent of the Cuban cocktail El Draque, this five ingredient highball is a favorite of many, including Ernest Hemingway.

Tazza di Vita

Gin Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Herbal and complex Averna from Italy combines with bright and crisp Death's Door Gin from Wisconsin in a refreshing sip-on-the-patio beverage.

Lucid Frappe

Absinthe , Modern Classics

Expand your mind with this absinthe cocktail.

Strawberry Crush


Forget crush, this has turned into a full-blown love affair.

Kyoto Sour

Modern Classics

Sake isn't just for sipping. Try this spicy cocktail.

Yerba Buena

Tequila , Modern Classics

Mojito + ginger beer = refreshing and delicious.

Royal Smash

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Drink like a blue blood for the evening.

Grand Marnier’s Smash

Liqueurs , Classics

Grand Marnier's Smash is so simple with only three ingredients but it's oh so refreshing.


Tequila , Modern Classics

A great orange-and-ginger twist on the classic Margarita.

Shamrock Sour

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

No leprechauns were hurt in the making of this recipe.

Grape Escape

Gin , Modern Classics

Get away from it all with this fruity cocktail.

South Side

Gin , Classics

Despite its name, there are no geographical limitations for this gin cocktail.

Mojito Italiano

Rum , Modern Classics

Celebrate the red, white and green with a little Campari, lemon and rum.

Sunset Gold

Vodka , Modern Classics

The cocktail is Sweden’s gift to you.

Prince’s Pimms

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Address this Champagne cocktail as "Your Highness."


Liqueurs , Modern Classics

It's like drinking a bouquet of flowers.

Orange Poppy

Absinthe , Modern Classics

Try this fizzy absinthe drink.

Old Jamaican

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

Respect your elders.

Kew Garden

Rum , Modern Classics

Mint and cucumber give this summery sipper a cooling sensation.

Winter Cup

Rum , Modern Classics

A fruity concoction to remind you of warmer times.


Rum , Tiki / Tropical

How sweet it is.

Manuka Mule

Vodka , Modern Classics

Ginger ale is the perfect partner for a honey-flavored vodka.

Green Acres Punch

Rum , Punches

Rum cocktails are the life for me…

Golden Cup

Gin , Modern Classics

Take first place with this Beefeater 24 Gin drink.

Raspberry Collins

Gin , Modern Classics

Find out what happens when you add raspberries to this classic gin drink.

Bulleit Rye Smash

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

Cool down with this simple and classic whiskey drink.

Açaí-Blueberry Mojito

Vodka , Modern Classics

Overdose on antioxidants.

Moët Golden Glamour

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

This official cocktail of the 2010 Academy Awards is appropriately elegant.

Pomchi Smash

Rum , Modern Classics

A fruity taste of summer.

Navan Smash

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Brighten your evening with this vanilla, mint and lemon cocktail.

Very Sexy Martini

Vodka , Martinis

Celebrate in style.

Absolut Berri Açai Sour

Vodka , Modern Classics

The super-food-trifecta: açai, blueberry and pomegranate.

VeeV Holiday Highball

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

After a long day shopping for the holidays, reward yourself with this Veev holiday cocktail.


Vodka , Modern Classics

You heard the cocktail: Drink up.

Virgin Ad Lib

Non alcoholic , Non-Alcoholic

This herb-and-lemon concoction is a recipe you can share with the kids.

Adam and VEEV

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Go ahead: give into temptation.

The Bulldog Smash

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

This fruity spin on the classic Whiskey Smash is a real winner.

56 Julep

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

Named for Jimmy Russell's 56 years distilling Wild Turkey.

Chopin Holiday Punch

Vodka , Punches

Satisfy a houseful of party guests with this festive libation.