Cocktail Recipes

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Cucumber, Basil & Lime Gimlet

Vodka , Modern Classics

The classic combination of gin, lime juice and simple syrup gets a fresh-produce boost in the Cucumber, Basil & Lime Gimlet. Swap out gin for vodka, add a little lemonade and you've got the ideal warm-weather cocktail.

Cucumber Fizz

Vodka , Modern Classics

This grassy green highball is filled to the brim with cooling cucumber and citrus. Paired with pear vodka and a delicate hint of St-Germain, the Cucumber Fizz will ease you into warm weather with its light freshness and bubbly finish.

Strawberry Cucumber Caipirinha

Cachaça , Tiki / Tropical

Sweet, cooling, and perfect for warm weather.

East Side Elder

Gin , Modern Classics

You don’t have to be from the east or old to enjoy this St-Germain, Plymouth Gin, cucumber and mint cocktail.

Green Beast

Absinthe , Punches

Make a big bowl of this refreshing absinthe and lime punch.

Prince’s Pimms

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Address this Champagne cocktail as "Your Highness."

Minted Man

Vodka , Modern Classics

It'll be the Invisible Man after you taste this cool cocktail.

Kew Garden

Rum , Modern Classics

Mint and cucumber give this summery sipper a cooling sensation.

Chairman’s Refresher

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

Cooling cucumber and thirst-quenching coconut water contribute to this rum concoction.

Remnants of Summer

Tequila , Modern Classics

With this cocktail, you’ll never forget the season.

Ultimat Dill

Vodka , Modern Classics

Dill and cucumber add a savory note to this vodka-lime cocktail.

Bloody Maria

Tequila , Classics

Tequila shoulders out vodka in this south-of-the-border spin on the brunch-favorite Bloody Mary. Laced with two brands of hot sauce, the Bloody Maria gains extra kick from a hefty dose of horseradish and is generously garnished with a cucumber spear, jalapeño slices and queso fresco.

Antiguo Refresco

Tequila , Margaritas Modern Classics

A refreshing Margarita with a cucumber twist.

Chile Fresca

Tequila , Margaritas Modern Classics

Red bell pepper is an unusual ingredient, but it works well in this sweet-and-spicy tequila cocktail.

Pierre Ferrand Ambre

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

Try this cognac cocktail flavored with citrus, cucumber and ginger; it's as sophisticated as it sounds.

Chopin Holiday Punch

Vodka , Punches

Satisfy a houseful of party guests with this festive libation.