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Bananas Foster Le Coupe

Brandy / Cognac Cognac , Modern Classics

Add the flavors of the classic dessert to a sweet, frothy cocktail.

Blood & Sand

Liqueurs Scotch Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Classics

The recipe for the Blood and Sand first appeared in print in Harry Craddock’s 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book. It's a complex combination of fruity and smoky, and a cinch to make with just four ingredients of identical proportions. Try it yourself with the fool-proof recipe below.

Undead Gentleman

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

This modern Tiki cocktail takes the Zombie, a fairly complex drink, cuts down the number of ingredients and puts it in a coupe.

5 Keys

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

Earthy Cynar and Maraschino liqueur balance each other in this smooth bourbon-based coupe.

Planet Hoth Toddy

Rum , Modern Classics

Recall Planet Hoth, the world of snow and ice, with this rum-based coupe laced with lime juice and Maraschino liqueur.

Type Eh

Canadian Whisky Liqueurs Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Modern Classics

Canadian whisky teams up with earthy Cynar to create this burly coupe with a hint of smoked salt.

Berry Barracuda

Irish Whiskey , Modern Classics

Leave it to the pros at The Dead Rabbit to create a cocktail that pairs Irish whiskey with strawberries and tart balsamic vinegar. Lillet Rose and sherry complete this ingenious coupe.

The Bacchus

Liqueurs Pisco , Modern Classics

Pisco is a natural partner for Concord grapes, which are muddled along with blackberries to create this frothy coupe.

Rum Rangoon

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

This powerful cocktail is like an instant Caribbean vacation.

Sidra House

Rum , Modern Classics

A tasty mix of rum, cider, sherry, pear brandy and an exotic allspice liqueur.

The Brotherhood

Irish Whiskey Liqueurs , Modern Classics

An alliance of Irish and French spirits yields one delicious concoction.

Death In The Afternoon

Absinthe , Classics

Champion drinker Ernest Hemingway claimed to have invented the Death in the Afternoon, a risky pairing of absinthe and Champagne, himself. His exact instructions suggested adding iced Champagne to a jigger of absinthe until it attained “the proper opalescent milkiness,” then proceeding to drink three to five of the cocktails in one sitting.

La Valencia

Rye Whiskey , Modern Classics

Mix tea with more than just hot water. Try this chamomile infused whiskey cocktail.

Cerise Light

Gin , Modern Classics

A little gin adds the perfect depth to this pomegranate and Champagne cocktail.

Northern Spy

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

Go undercover with this top-secret applejack cocktail.

Fat Like Buddha

Rum , Modern Classics

The perfect companion on the road to enlightenment.

Nueva Playa del Sur

Rum , Modern Classics

This elegant, bubbly rum cocktail is good for the beach or the ballroom.

Jane Russell

Rye Whiskey , Modern Classics

This voluptuous rye-based cocktail packs a wallop.

Guava Rose

Cachaça , Frozen / Blended

This blended drink goes exotic, with cachaça, guava and rose syrup.

Hearts of Pom

Tequila , Margaritas

Sweet-and-tart pomegranate is the ideal addition to this Margarita variation.

The Orkney Chapel

Scotch Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Modern Classics

This complex Scotch drink inspires reverence.

Coconut Colada

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

Upgrade this tropical rum cocktail with a scoop of coconut sorbet.

Corpse Reviver No. 2

Gin , Classics

It doesn't have to be Halloween to enjoy this cocktail.

Modern English

Gin , Modern Classics

Forget that olde tyme English with this cocktail.


Scotch , Modern Classics

This scotch cocktail will warm you up for a night of caroling, or any time.

An Bodhran (The Drum)

Irish Whiskey , Modern Classics

Have a taste of the Emerald Isle.

The Sun Also Rises

Absinthe Liqueurs Rum , Modern Classics

Toast Papa Hemingway with this citrusy-and-complex rum concoction.

Pear Tree Martini

Vodka , Martinis

A fitting cocktail for entertaining, the Pear Tree Martini offers everything but the holiday partridge. Spiced pear vodka and St-Germain tangle with citrus and bitters, resulting in a delicately balanced and festive winter drink.

’55 T-Bird

Vodka , Modern Classics

With orange juice, orange zest and orange liqueur, the vitamin C in this drink will last you for weeks. Not that you’ll want to wait that long to have another.


Absinthe Rum , Modern Classics

Named for the marmalade-loving bear, this drink gets a jolt of fruit flavor from orange preserves.

Michael’s Word

Irish Whiskey Liqueurs , Modern Classics

Mr. Collins promises you’ll love this drink.


Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

The deep, caramel sweetness of a good balsamic vinegar matches beautifully with aged cognac.

Chairman’s Refresher

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

Cooling cucumber and thirst-quenching coconut water contribute to this rum concoction.

Vanilla Skye

Scotch , Modern Classics

Chocolate, mint and a big, peaty Scotch flavor this drink. Trust us, it works.

Remnants of Summer

Tequila , Modern Classics

With this cocktail, you’ll never forget the season.

The Modern

Rum , Modern Classics

This rum drink is up-to-date.

Baldwin Apple

Brandy / Cognac , Modern Classics

This autumnal apple-brandy cocktail gets added depth from three different rich syrups.


Vodka , Modern Classics

With Polish vodka and French and Italian liqueurs, this aperitif is a grand European tour in a glass.

Moët Golden Glamour

Liqueurs , Modern Classics

This official cocktail of the 2010 Academy Awards is appropriately elegant.

Cinnamon Sparkle

Brandy / Cognac Rum , Modern Classics

Crémant d’Alsace sparkling wine completes this tasty rum-and-cognac cocktail.

Passion Potion

Rum , Tiki / Tropical

Cupid would approve of this rum, fruit and basil recipe.

Monte Cassino

Liqueurs Rye Whiskey , Modern Classics

Two French liqueurs plus American rye and lemon juice equals one fine drink.

Green Deacon

Absinthe Gin , Modern Classics

Gin, grapefruit juice and absinthe make one tasty drink.

The Goldwyn Follies

Gin , Modern Classics

An old-timey name for a tasty fall gin-and-tea drink.


Gin Liqueurs , Modern Classics

It's strong, suave and sophisticated.