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Cailleach’s Bath Collins

Scotch , Modern Classics

This cocktail is named for the Gaelic hag goddess of winter, Cailleach Bheur, to whom the great Corryvreckan serves as laundry basin. The use of preserved citrus and seed serve as ode to her season's bounty, with a crack of pepper to highlight the malt's spice.

Tom Coughlin Collins

Gin , Modern Classics

For football season, we had a bartender from each NFL team's hometown provide the perfect cocktail to represent their team.
“My father and I have had New York Giants season tickets for at least 20 years, and we go to every home game,” says bartender Greg Lipari of New York City’s Bua. “We get there at 8 in the morning and make breakfast—bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on English muffins, sometimes pancakes—and tailgate for hours before the game starts at 1 p.m. It’s a full-day affair, so you need a drink that it isn’t overpowering and won’t knock you over the head. If you start drinking with breakfast, you want something light and refreshing.
“I just got back from the Giants–L.A. Rams game in London, so I was inspired to do a gin cocktail,” he says of this variation on a Tom Collins. “It’s named for Tom Coughlin, who was the Giants’ head coach for the 10 years, when they won two Super Bowls. He’s the most successful coach they’ve ever had. All Giants fans love Coughlin. The blueberries are for Big Blue, of course, and the prosecco is to anticipate imminent victory.”

Joan Collins

Vodka , Modern Classics

This drink is delicately pink and 100 percent spa day, which is exactly how I imagine the life and times of Joan Collins.

Pear & Elderflower Collins

Gin Vodka , Modern Classics

Pear puree and pear liqueur add a double dose of fall flavor to this bubbly highball.

VEEV Collins

Modern Classics

Give the classic Collins cocktail an update with a measure of VEEV Spirit.

Michael Collins Honeysuckle

Irish Whiskey , Modern Classics

Bring out Irish whiskey's sweet side.

Rhubarb & Strawberry Collins

Gin Vodka , Modern Classics

Two of springtime's most delicious ingredients combine in this tart and refreshing tipple.

Maker’s Mark Collins

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Modern Classics

Swap gin for bourbon to create a tasty spin on the classic Tom Collins.

Tom Collins

Gin , Classics

The Tom Collins is such a classic they named the glass after it.

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