Win A Trip To Kentucky & Woodford Reserve



  • tinhynguyen.b296 posted 2 years ago

    great info from this quiz. I love mint juleep

  • TKACSFLORIDA posted 2 years ago

    Bug that prohibits entry is back. please fix this

  • mckinney1220 posted 2 years ago

    Good info in quiz

  • cveaux.7909ada posted 2 years ago

    Great info in the quiz

  • johnnawrocki.654f4 posted 2 years ago

    The website cannot display the page . under maintenance . programming error

  • Sour1213 posted 2 years ago

    Great quizz

  • coachb posted 2 years ago

    good quiz, standard but informative facts. Cheers!

  • benzcardog.07a85 posted 2 years ago

    Entries are not being allowed, Enter button is inoperable

  • Big357 posted 2 years ago

    Fix the bugs in the contest not working right when you hit the enter button nothing happened

  • lisa.mulvehill posted 2 years ago

    Is there something wrong with this link to enter the Woodford Distillery tour? I've tried several times over 2 days, and after completing the quiz and entering my data, I hit the "Enter to win" icon," but nothing happens. I wish to enter this contest, is there another way to do so?

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