10 Things Not to Do in a Bar

Don’t be that guy (or girl). Watch this series to learn the dos and don’ts of bar behavior from the experts: the people who actually work behind that bar.
Need an extra reminder? Check out this handy slideshow: 10 Things Not to Do in a Bar.

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  • billuwsnyc posted 2 months ago

    I don't actually spend much time in bars, so I assume this would keep me from making embarrassing mistakes. But every single one of these tips was just common sense and decency. IMHO. It did make me empathize with bartenders though.

  • ShogunBigguns posted 3 months ago

    Excellent video!! I'd love to play it on loop on one of the TVs located in each bathroom above the sink by bathroom attendant. Sorta like a Drunkard PSA.
    BTW...HDTV: Not all patrons are as refined as thee in busy bar etiquette.

  • HDTV posted 4 months ago

    Need a video on how to be a bartender with good customer service. Great service always gets tipped very well in my world.

    I don't need to be told 20 percent is a proper tip. Not to leave a mess. What to order. Not to wave money....

  • oldfashioned posted 5 months ago

    ok, I just realised I am scared to go to bars anymore. Yayks.

  • pharology.46d5 posted 9 months ago

    Best laugh I've had in ages. The attitudes in that vid wouldn't get 1% tip, much less 20%. My bartenders are awesome, and they certainly earn their tips. Not like these dipwads (1 or 2 seem ok)

  • bullockjohnjgmailcom994865352 posted 9 months ago

    If you think they are whiners, then I know you haven't worked in a restaurant and definitely haven't been a bartender. I agree with all they have said. As for the suggestions, it usually has to do with pressure. Bars are slam busy and if you walk up to a bartender on a busy Friday and as for a suggestions, you have no self-awareness and I hope the bartender treats you like the Soup Nazi.

    And the Special Drink thing. Would you ask for a Big Mac at a Taco Bell? No. Bars have menus and specialties, just like restaurants.

  • filippovkolyabkru2419505 posted 9 months ago

    As for me , if you know your job well, you know customers and all what you think about is how or what can you do for them, no matter what kind of bar is or who can order. All people are different, if you don't like people ) change your job!

  • donplattgmailcom1373069931 posted 9 months ago

    Ten things not to do-excellent. My bartender ALWAYS gets 20%. They work harder to pleas than anyone else in the place

  • paulito63304yahoocom12206079 posted 9 months ago

    These bartenders need to do something else. The video clearly shows that the customers are looking to them as professionals, and clearly by their responses they are anything but. If someone is asking you about a particular drink or kind of drink, they are looking to you as the professional. These so called 'bartenders' need to only serve beer at a small concession stand.

  • garlandvillanovagmailcom117028 posted 9 months ago

    Most of this I agree with, especially about the tipping. What I don't understand is how it can be so utterly irritating when a patron asks for suggestions or only has a vague idea of what they want. Wait people do it. Hairdressers do it. I was was a florist for 10 years and had to do that several times a day. ( "I want something colorful and cheerful under $30") Please don't make me feel shitty because I don't know my cocktails. Help me out and I just may keep coming back.

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