My Brother’s Bar

My Brother’s Bar

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The oldest continually operating bar in Denver, with a stellar beer selection and cozy vibe, My Brother’s Bar proves that simplicity and a signature classical-music soundtrack can sometimes ensure a bar’s longevity.

There’s almost nowhere in the city where weathered regulars, hippy-dippy artists and tourists alike can sit shoulder-to-shoulder—and beer-to-beer—with such complete ease.

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2376 15th St
Denver, CO 80202

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  • fmirbach.e08bad posted 2 years ago

    spot on. One late afternoon, or was it early evening, dressed in bib overalls, a t shirt and sandals, I sat at the bar next to a lovely gal in an evening gown. While it was the mid '70's, and I haven't lived in Denver since, MBB is always on my list of referrals when I learn friends are headed to the Mile High City.

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