Here's Looking at You

Here's Looking at You

There are plenty of reasons to drop by this new Koreatown restaurant by co-owner Lien Ta and chef Jonathan Whitener. But one of the most compelling is the cocktail program by bartenders Allan Katz and Danielle Crouch, both formerly of Cana Rum Bar downtown. Their thoughtful culinary-inspired cocktails incorporate techniques and ingredients from the kitchen making for brand-new ways to enjoy favorite classics.

The Drink To Drink: The $26 Mai Tai may seem an insane amount to pay for a cocktail but not when you’re drinking history. Like the original Mai Tai, this one is made with a 17-year-old rum blend similar to the one Trader Vic used, as well as an amazing house-made orgeat.

Know Before You Go: There’s a Time Card Special cocktail that comes with an actual time card that’s stamped every time you come in and order it. After 10 stamps, you get dinner at the employee rate.

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3901 W. 6th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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