Bourbon & Branch

Bourbon & Branch

If you’ve been a cocktail fanatic for any length of time, you long ago wearied of "secret" passwords at the door and the tired speakeasy theme. But Bourbon and Branch was one of the country’s pioneers, opening in 2006 and eventually housing five bars, including a book-lined library bar and Wilson & Wilson, a detective-themed bar-within-a-bar. Besides being transported to the seductive 1920s, the jazz-tinged space benefits from a reservations-only policy with a seat for everyone, a blessed cell phone-free zone and the chance for that rare treat: real conversation over fine drink. The bar boasts a strong spirits selection but given its name, there certainly is plenty of bourbon, including rare, hand-numbered bottles of Noah’s Mill and Buffalo Trace.

The extensive cocktail menu changes regularly. Currently there is The Frank Lloyd Wright, a mix of Buffalo Trace bourbon, pear liqueur, Old Fashioned bitters, Nocino Walnut Liqueur and Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch.

The full menu is only available with a reservation in the main bar. But if you didn’t make a reservation or don’t mind a simpler, abbreviated cocktail menu, ring the buzzer and use the password "books” to be escorted to through a bookshelf to the magical library.

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501 Jones Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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