Kit Codik

Founder and CEO

Favorite Bar: Employees Only, New York City

Favorite Drink: Mezcal Negroni

Jeff Meyer

Chief Commercial Officer

Favorite Bar: Death & Co. New York, NY

Favorite Drink: Birds of Prey

Scott Hocker


Favorite Bar: Le Quine Guine, Tokyo, Japan

Favorite Drink: Tom Collins

Scott Kritz

EVP, Audience Development

Favorite Bar: Old Town Tavern, New York City

Favorite Drink: Oaxacan Negroni

Erin Egleston

Director of Sales & Partnerships

Favorite Bar: Perry's, San Francisco

Favorite Drink: Sauv Blanc

Alexis Doctolero

Director of Trade & Activation

Favorite Bar: ABV, San Francisco

Favorite Drink: Negroni

Seth Schreiner

Executive Director of Marketing

Favorite Bar: Truckee Tavern, Truckee, Calif.

Favorite Drink: Coquito!

John Shum

Director of Product Management & Engineering

Favorite Bar: Tradition, San Francisco

Favorite Drink: Whiskey Smash

Nora Carnevale

Account Manager, Media Ops

Favorite Bar: Bondurants, New York City, NY

Favorite Drink: Gin & Tonic

Erica Cohose-Ciluffo

Director, Brand Partnerships

Favorite Bar: Maison Premier, Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Drink: Cucumber Basil Gimlet

Nadia Croes

Managing Editor

Favorite Bar: Mace, New York, NY

Favorite Drink: Pisco Sour

Evelyn Derico

Producer, Editorial Team

Favorite Bar: Black Rabbit, New York, NY

Favorite Drink: Junmai Sake

Ashish Gatne

Creative Director

Favorite Bar: F Cafe, Whitefields, India

Favorite Drink: Classic Gin Martini

Jeffrey Glover

Senior Software Engineer

Favorite Bar: The 440, San Francisco

Favorite Drink: Jack & Coke

John Leh

Branded Content Specialist

Favorite Bar: The Raven Gril, Washington DC

Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule

Omar Merlos

Producer, Media Operations

Favorite Bar: Mission Bar, San Francisco, CA

Favorite Drink: Pearl Harbor

Erica Mendoza

Director, Account Management

Favorite Bar: The Alley, Oakland, Calif.

Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned

Tim Nusog


Favorite Bar: Dirty Habit, San Francisco

Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned

Nino Padova

Deputy Editor

Favorite Bar: Tommy's Mexican Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

Favorite Drink: Mezcal and A Beer

Felipe Posada

Ad Ops Manager

Favorite Bar: Lucky 13, Alameda, Calif.

Favorite Drink: Zombie

Katie Quilligan

Director, Audience Development

Favorite Bar: The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog, New York City

Favorite Drink: Boulevardier

Elizabeth Reyes

Graphic Designer

Favorite Bar: Gracias a Dios Cantina, Querétaro, México

Favorite Drink: Bloody Maria

Danielle Simone

Head of Video Programming & Development

Favorite Bar: Bemelmans Bar at The Carlyle, New York City

Favorite Drink: Martini

Shalltell Uduojie

Software Engineer

Favorite Bar: Victory Sandwich Bar, Atlanta

Favorite Drink: Moscow Mule

Jenn Ward

Office Manager & Executive Assistant

Favorite Bar: Smuggler's Cove, San Francisco

Favorite Drink: Rum Old Fashioned