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Boozy Jelly is Here to Upgrade Your PB&J

It’s time to rummage through the fridge and throw out the boring grape jelly hiding behind the milk, because there’s a new jelly in town. And rumor has it it’s rosé flavored. Drunk Jelly, a company based in California, just debuted a rosé flavor, joining its already existing lineup of pinot grigio, merlot and pinot […]

The Appletini Is 21 Years Old. Is It Time to Rethink the Famous Cocktail?

With a fresh new recipe.

Grandparents Drinking Moonshine For the First Time Are Hilarious

Our grandparents are full of wisdom, what with their years of experience and storied histories. Many of them may have even lived through Prohibition, an era that called for some pretty inventive ways to create and distribute booze. One such way was the production of moonshine, a high-proof distilled spirit that was most often clear, […]

Drink Like Tyrion with New Game of Thrones Wines

“Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.” Tyrion Lannister may not always be right, or likable for that matter, but we’ll agree with him on the above. The Master of the Coin would definitely be excited about the newest Games of Thrones must-have: a line of wines inspired by the popular TV show. The […]

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