Love Sports? Hate Sports? These Super Bowl Cocktails Are Right for Everyone.

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  • pouringpro posted 6 months ago

    Patriot Fans, here's my recipe for successful Patriot's Super Bowl Party
    "The Brady Long Bomb" .
    Combine and bottle each stage separately.

    Stage 1
    2 parts vodka, 1 part red curaçao, and ***fresh lime juice to taste

    Stage 2
    1 part blue curaçao and 2 parts vodka and add fresh lime juice to taste

    Stage 3
    I part triple sec, 2 parts vodka and ***fresh lime juice

    ***You may use prepackaged unsweetened lime juice
    Pour over back of a spoon, equal amounts from each chilled bottle to Layer, red, then blue, then clear in a shot glass and drop that Bomb into a 5-6 oz. glass of Sam Adams Lager. First "Brady Long Bomb" is done after Brady throws a 30 yard or longer pass (long Bomb). After that, enjoy at your leisure to Celebrate Great Patriot Game Moments or just because they taste great!
    Drop, Toast, and Enjoy.

  • pouringpro posted 7 months ago

    Drinking out of a punchbowl and chicken wings!?

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