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  • Aworden posted 1 year ago


  • markmontedoroyahoocom125930421 posted 2 years ago

    Tai- Chi does pay off but Swayze failed when he ripprd out the guy's throat. He should have smiled since he's cold and heartless. Just be nice.

  • lillynylund posted 2 years ago

    Jeff Healey! RIP

  • wastashca posted 2 years ago


  • cuttersrule208 posted 2 years ago

    Sam Elliot. My all time favorite cowboy. Movies made from the L'Amour books to the Bon Ney murder. He always plays his role to the 't'. Only one I didnt like him in was the one he beat up his daughter in law in. That was horrible.

  • posted 2 years ago

    Wow !!!!!

  • posted 2 years ago

    Very, very tough, but Patrick Swayze was PERFECT as bouncer, with college degree in philosophy

  • erundy posted 2 years ago

    what about the cool bouncer - due, Roger Hewlitt, played FB at Mizzou?

  • tigredy posted 2 years ago

    Really??? Emergency 1972-79 Fireman Roy Desoto

  • doug138 posted 2 years ago

    sam elliott

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