11 Delicious Gin Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

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  • leslieskeans.0a4e0 posted 1 month ago

    My husband, a gin martini drinker (must have 3 olives!) makes a drink for us that is delicious and refreshing in our Florida heat. He uses Tanqueray gin and plum wine over ice then tops it with club soda. It can also be served straight up without the ice and club soda. He calls it "The baby maker" but I'm 63 so that falls on deaf ears!

  • jdeem55yahoo.com posted 1 month ago

    How can I get the recipe?

  • johnjohnrosenbergcom591807329 posted 1 month ago

    Who says "a sipper it is not"? NOT THE CASE AT ALL FOR A REAL TOKER.

  • bothenjs.5efc9 posted 1 month ago

    where's the recipe@### I love bourbon and we have great bourbon bars and I want to have them make this!!!

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