The Drinker’s Guide to Mad Men Cocktails

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  • Bmarggraff posted 1 year ago

    Also, no lemon or lime garnish is in a Classic Sour. It is an orange wheel and cherry. Maybe I should leave this site if they don't know these basics.

  • Bmarggraff posted 1 year ago

    This is not what a True Whisky Sour should look like. It should have a nice head created from fresh egg whites. And to you PC people who are afraid of raw egg whites. It was proven for an Egg Nog recipe that eggs that were intentionally infected with salmonella had no effect due to the alcohol. So add the egg whites and shake like mad.

  • kajsfl889c89 posted 2 years ago

    This website is awful. Have to frickin register just to see a link a friend sent.

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