6 Drinks to Never, Ever Order on a First Date

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  • pam.considine posted 3 years ago

    I know how to make a Long Island Iced Tea. How do you make an Adios Motherf*cker??

  • Cevins313 posted 3 years ago

    A properly made cosmopolitan is a fantastic drink. Trouble being that there are not very many bartenders that give the drink the care that it needs. This is the son of the Margarita and should be treated with such respect.

  • jamesdcarrillo posted 3 years ago

    Agreed! And maybe have them pick up the tab while they're psychoanalyzing you and being condescending about your drink.

  • susannedmonds.eb4a649 posted 3 years ago

    Order whatever you like. This is a ridiculous article. You don't need to hide your preferences. If they don't like your drink order, you probably shouldn't go on the second date anyway!

  • samara.yelle posted 3 years ago

    A touch judgmental maybe? Much less sexy than ordering the "wrong drink."

  • mwbokc posted 3 years ago

    It would really help if the text of the article wasn't constantly covered by damn ads that can't be closed!!!!

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