11 Amazing Gin Cocktails to Make Right Now

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  • wlw_1121_ae5462 posted 1 month ago

    But chai tea in English is not repeating itself. Chai tea as used in English specifically refers to masala chai.

    You see this same language feature similarly in a lot of different teas. Sencha, matcha, hojicha, etc. they all already contain the word tea (cha) in their name. But in English you still often add tea and treat the name containing cha as simply an adjective, not a noun.

  • RJC42 posted 1 month ago

    I really wish people would stop saying "chai tea." The word chai is Urdu-Hindu-Asian for TEA! STOP REPEATING YOURSELF. Correct name for above cocktail: TEA FIZZ. Don't believe ask a Southwest Asian friend.

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