From a list of the bars you need to visit before you die to seasonable cocktail-recipe roundups. These collections of spirited information will teach you to drink better.

11 Essential Vodka Cocktails to Try Right Now

So many ways to get your vodka fix.

13 Delicious International Wines for Watching the Olympics

Go for the gold. Or silver. Or the corkscrew.

10 Essential Cocktails for August Parties

Everything you should be shaking. All for the tail end of summer.

11 Low-Alcohol Cocktails That Are Meant for Drinking Forever

You’ll never guess how good they can be.

11 Flaming Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

These cocktails are literally on fire with awesomeness.

10 Frozen Cocktails for Drinking in Bars Now

The chilled-out drinks to try across the U.S.

11 Essential Cocktails for July Parties

These essential July cocktails announce that summer is here. Celebrate summer in a glass with

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