The 23 Essential Bars in New York City: Fall 2016
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The 23 Essential Bars in New York City: Fall 2016

There probably are as many types of bars in New York as there are New Yorkers. With scores of bars opening every day, it’s a challenge to winnow down a short list of the essential ones. Still, we like to think these 23 bars represent the current best of New York’s many facets. Some, like the bar at 21 Club, are iconic, as much for the establishment as the drinks served. Others, like Angel’s Share and PDT, represent “new classics” that have shepherded the cocktail revolution forward and still offer an unmatched drinking experience today. There are also nods to great joints for beer or cider, plus a handful of newer bars (oh, hey, Pouring Ribbons!) where the drinks delight or surprise. Every spot on this list represents a place where you’d be glad to spend an evening bending elbows.—Kara Newman

*Bars are listed alphabetically.

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Added by Bill Swersey

1.  Amor y Amargo

This little East Village bitters bar celebrated its fifth anniversary in spring 2016, and it’s still often standing room only and…
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2.  Attaboy

This Lower East Side spot originally housed Milk & Honey. When that bar closed, Attaboy opened in the same space, run…
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3.  Angel’s Share

This bar, secreted away on the second floor of a Japanese restaurant, is legendary as a cradle of the modern cocktail…
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