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The Revolver - Whiskey Cocktail

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  • johnniepop posted 1 year ago

    I love it! Especially the part where in the beginning the aroma is better and richer than the taste itself. And all these oranges continue to persist throughout the coffee and the sweet bourbon. This one can easily serve as a definition for the term 'cocktail'. Cheers!

  • ZumWolfMunich posted 2 years ago

    lovely drink, i like to add 2 bsp fresh espresso and a dash of simple syrup. worth a try:)

  • kyleder posted 3 years ago

    This is a tasty cocktail, but can be a bit syrupy if not mixed well. Another one that I've tried that's close to this is halving the vermouth in a manhattan or tequila manhattan (mexico city?) and replacing the other half with coffee liquor (Firelit if you can find it) and then garnishing with a brandied cherry. It turns out pretty rich, but is a fun spin on the classic manhattan.

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