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  • pouringpro posted 3 years ago

    It was a amazing time to be behind the bar. !976-77 Bailey's Irish Cream hit the American shores and creativity went wild. We poured Bailey's on it, in it and all over it. The result: a Black Russian became the World famous Mudslide, originally a rocks drink that morphed into the frozen mudslide, one of the top 4 blended drinks in the world today. Shots like Slippery and Buttery Nipple and the Blow Job followed..
    And then the notorious Car Bomb, a shot of Bailey's and Jameson(Kahlua optional). Perhaps not politically correct, but it did spawn a new class of drinks in mixology called Bombs; Jaeger, Sake, and so many others.
    (the Papelbomb in Boston).
    But I digress. As wonderful as the frozen Mudslide is, in terms of flavor profile, it does not compare to the McSlide. Yes, an Irish Mudslide. A Mudslide with Jameson's Irish Whisky instead of vodka; what a flavor profile. So, next time you are feeling Beachy, or just crave some Adult Ice Cream, order a McSlide.
    A side note on the Car Bomb for those who feel it is negative or politically incorrect.
    Imagine this.
    On St Patrick's Day, 10 million people around the World will drink a Car Bomb, and they will toast each other in love and friendship, All At The Same Time! That's right,10 million people will drink the same drink, at the same time, Worldwide and toast each other in love and friendship; and then this toast will happen again and again. That is amazing, positive energy being produced and shared. Thank you Bailey's for your beautiful creation, Bailey's Irish Cream.

  • Dorai posted 3 years ago

    That sounds pretty good. I ordered a Mudslide and got a vanilla slide with chocolate drizzle. Not happy.

  • cthlos posted 4 years ago

    I was feeling lazy when I made this Mudslide recipe and gave it a vigorous shake and strained it up instead of using the blender. The result was something that tasted like a Mudslide, but had much stronger Kalua and alcohol flavors than I would have otherwise expected. It also produced a nice foam on the top of the cocktail.

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