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  • ms5991.c031590 posted 3 months ago


  • pouringpro posted 1 year ago

    Thanks Dale for the classic recipe for an American Classic.
    So many years ago, I too was inspired by a wonderful mixologist, just as you have inspired so many today. Nearly 40 years after that moment the memory still endures. Thought I would share it with you and
    When I purchased an old saloon in 1976 I met Steve(Stephanie} who came with the place. Stephanie was in her late 60's.
    The bar was a flat out honking biker bar. Stephanie ruled the bar dressed in a black dress with pearl earrings and necklace, and on occasion pearls in her hair. Her make up was still in the style of the 20's for I am sure that each time she looked in the mirror in preparation for work, she saw and felt as youthful as her days of tending in the late 20's and 30's.
    The rouge on her cheeks and the traces of powder and hair perfectly coiffed was her trademark look.
    But her professionalism and cocktail creating expertise were what inspired me most. She offered to teach me how to create a Classic Cocktail,
    "Charles you have no idea how to make a cocktail do you?, she said. "Stephanie!", I said gazing at the wild scene in front of me.
    Anything and everything was happening. It looked like a combination of the Gremlins bar scene and Star Wars. Bud bottles were being drained, shots were going down, fights were breaking out, drug deals were quietly being made, and the bookie was taking action in the back.
    'Steve, do you honestly think this bunch is drinking cocktails?" I said waving across the room.
    " Charles, I have my older customers, who will make their cocktails when I am not here?"
    I looked at the end of the bar and there sat Mary, mink stole draped over her shoulders, elegantly sipping a Rob Roy.
    In that moment 50 years of history unfolded in front of me and I could see Mary and Stephanie and a room full of partiers back in Prohibition, when America and Stephanie were both Roaring through their 20's. " Charles, what liquor do you like to drink?"
    " Tequila, Stephanie", I said pointing to my personal bottle of Sauza Tres. Stephanie began to move behind the 25 foot Brunswick mahogany bar, and bottles, that I did not even know were in my own bar, appeared from coolers and a cocktail glass was iced.
    The Boston shaker and mixing glass were whirled into action, and in seconds she strained out a beautifully pale pastel green colored, frosty cocktail and garnished it with a slice of lime. The Margarita cocktail stood there beaming. I might have well been standing in the presence of Margarita Sames. That was the moment mixolgy came alive. From my beginnings, as a
    17 year old mixing Whisky Sours at the Drive In from the back of my car on Friday nights to that moment of mixology artistry by Stephanie on that wild Saturday afternoon at the saloon; my world of Mixology was elegantly fused and focused.

  • posted 3 years ago

    Your margaritas sound deliciously wonderful.

  • cari.jacks posted 3 years ago

    Hello! heard someone say margarita! sated, please! :-D

  • Kavindra Verma posted 4 years ago

    Cocktails do have zing

  • Jennifer posted 4 years ago

    Instead of Cointreau or triple sec substitute Agavero Orange.

  • posted 4 years ago

    Thanks Roy!

  • Roy Zuckerman posted 4 years ago

    Really enjoy receiving your recipes. Valuable site!

    R. Zuckerman

  • bobmc posted 5 years ago

    I have a realy great drink I would like to share with everyone My uncle invented it He calls it a Peach Bullfrog you need 4-5 med fresh peaches pitted and skinned sliced into large chunks 1-8oz can either frozen pink lemonade or limeade first put the prepared peaches in a blender then dump the frozen limeade in then using the frozen limeade can as a measure fill it with 7up and poor it in the blender then fill your can with either rum or tequila your choice put enough ice to blend well and blend it all up until it is smooth pour in a frosted glass and enjoy if you want or need a better recipe email me and I will send one to you when we would have a party everyone brought thier own blender and stuff and we would make them and then just drink out of our blenders it was great

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