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  • posted 6 months ago

    My first time on this website and u can not wait to try this drink..

  • posted 6 months ago

    Can you make it in a pitcher??

  • alvareds posted 1 year ago

    Simple Syrup: Is as simple as this: mix and shake well 2 teacups of sugar, with 1 cup of boilet water. Be sure all sugar is integrated to water, leave it get cold and save.

  • davey1107 posted 2 years ago

    Passion fruit juice concentrate is widely available and can be bought for approx $10 a bottle on Amazon, which will make some 2 gallons of passion fruit juice. I freeze the concentrate into 1 oz cubes I can dilute in 7 oz water whenever it's time for a tropical drink...which in L.A. Is always.

    If you're having trouble figuring out the simple syrup, you need to stick to Bartles and James.

  • jdzurinda posted 2 years ago

    OK, for the most part I'm fine with the ingredients. However, go to your grocery store and try to find passion fruit juice or simple syrup.

  • cosmopolitan posted 2 years ago

    i was in new Orleans and had several hurracanes, love them

  • waterman posted 2 years ago

    at what price do they get

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