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  • matejcek posted 2 months ago


  • gloria.vincent.3563 posted 2 months ago

    p.s. FYI: I am from Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY!! --Gloria Vincent

  • kevin.martin3 posted 2 months ago

    Long overdue attention to a fantastic cocktail. I always found Black Label to be a marvelous pairing in these, and yes, 1 part Amaretto to about 5 or 6 parts scotch seems right.

  • gloria.vincent.3563 posted 2 months ago

    I laughed when I saw this: because there was a drink in the late 70's that was called a "Sicilian Kiss" - I drank it all the time. And now THIS recipe is coming out... Well, let me tell you, the Sicilian Kiss is strong, and the recipe is: two parts Southern Comfort, one part Amaretto. I have not had this in years, but always had it when I was young. Hopefully, it will make a come-back and be called: "Vincent's Sicilian Kiss" ;) --Gloria Vincent

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