Dirty Martini

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Dirty Martini

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  • ThomasBayes posted 2 months ago

    If you use the vermouth, pour it in the tin over ice, shake, then strain it out and then add the Gin or Vodka/Olive Brine over the vermouth flavored ice, shake and strain. That's a classic way of doing it....

  • dondada.makana.1051b4c posted 11 months ago

    The best thing going in Morris County, NJ! #dondadamakana

  • pouringpro posted 1 year ago

    Misuse of the word Classic. How can a drink that is maybe 15 years in existence, be considered a classic. I am sure it will become a classic because it is here to stay. Only in America would a person pay for more salt water in their drink and less vodka by ordering their Martini really dirty! Stop with the inaccurate headlines to grab attention. a Liquor.com chap technique.

  • MAVidal posted 1 year ago

    Tito's - empty out the Vermouth - 3 Olives

  • plgorrin.f80811 posted 1 year ago

    Many bartenders leave the vermouth in the shaker and then add the Vodka. I have been drinking Martinis for over 40 years and feel/know the vermouth should be emptied from the shaker( just leaving what coated the sides) first, then add the Vodka and Voila, "The Perfect Martini".

  • dderiggi10 posted 1 year ago

    how many calories in a dry martini

  • britnia posted 2 years ago

    the correct number of olives is as many as you can convince the bartender to give you

  • chrisworldwebscapescom72169193 posted 2 years ago

    This is now my favorite personal drink. I make my own brine with white vinegar, Kosher salt, and spring water. I pour this back over my dry olives to make them go farther.

  • Shelley-Ann Kelley posted 2 years ago

    Tony Stark drinks his martinis dirty, and now I know why. This drink is fantastic! But, I'm with Pepper Potts. I like lots of olives, at least 3 olives.

  • thomas.a.rice posted 3 years ago

    Makes a great Martini!

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