Crime and Punishment

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Crime and Punishment - Bourbon Cocktail

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  • scott.jessop.18 posted 3 years ago

    I hope you sell as many bottles of boose as copies of crime and punishment have been published x

  • scott.jessop.18 posted 3 years ago

    Crime and punishment is a fantastic book. Very easy to get into. It is also thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable. Dostoyevsky is an artist held among high acclaim amidst the best educated circles. You think your drink is more enjoyable than this classic. You are wrong. It may take a little more time to read an entire novel than to sling a few spirits together but it is certainly not unenjoyable. The comparison just makes you sound like a dullard rather than a worldly and well rounded drink mixing expert. The rich cultural and artistic world should be embraced to become an excellent bartender. Understanding the deep world of cultures and arts could give you an insight to the soul of the drink, the history of it and it's meaning to people. You can go some way to achieving this by reading books. Really enjoyable ones like 'Crime and Punishment.'

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