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  • Boozy2 posted 2 months ago

    Some notes on this recipe: This is a sweet drink when made with Creme de Yvette, and not blue or violet as pictured but pinkish. The Bitter Truth guys make a Creme de Violette, but when using lemon juice is a cloudy greyish color and is somewhat of a more bitter flavor profile overall as the spirit maker's name would suggest. Whatever you do don't use Drillaud's as it is just food coloring in sugar water. We tried several variations using different products and could not create this visually stunning drink in any way that tasted good.

  • johngoundry86gmailcom496930998 posted 11 months ago

    Absolutely adore this!

  • godfrem posted 1 year ago

    Best aviation is from 'happiness forgets' in London. Creme de Violette is available online.

  • rose_bunny12_d674a71 posted 2 years ago

    Wow never had one

  • blinkenmick.3f4aaf3 posted 2 years ago

    The cellars in Sydney posted creme de violette to us in adelaide

  • alxxngh.6201 posted 2 years ago

    I found a recipe for Aviation in a small book titled "Old Man Drinks." It didn't have the "creme de violette"; it called basically for equal parts of Maraschino liqueur & lemon juice with a couple ounces of gin. Of course it's not blue, but yellowish from the lemonade. Still: works for me!

  • jozelle.smith posted 3 years ago

    I would love to try this but no one has the violet key ingredient.

  • stinkoid posted 3 years ago

    It's a prettier drink if you float the crème de violette.

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