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(image: Tim Nusog)

Manhattan On $15 A Day

Canadian Whisky , Classics

Adam McDowell’s book Drinks: A User’s Guide offers ways to enjoy a cocktail under less-than-ideal circumstances, calling such a drink an ad-hoctail, including this Manhattan On $15 A Day.

Classic Margarita Cocktail


Tequila , Classics Margaritas

While the Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in North America, its origins are shrouded in mystery. There are almost as many stories about who invented the margarita as there are margarita recipes. Some like them blended, others with a sweetener, but many argue the best margarita recipe is this classic one. Memorize it and you’ll never fail to impress.


Lion’s Tail with FEW Bourbon

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Classics

This bourbon cocktail is perfect for fall.

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Martini_Editorial-720x720 (1)
(image: Tim Nusog)


Gin , Classics

Yellow Chartreuse is the last frontier of deliciousness.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Jack Rose

Apple brandy , Classics

The pretty pink glow hides a strong punch of applejack.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Coronation Cocktail No. 1

Sherry , Classics

Sherry, vermouth and a dash of royal glamour.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Espresso Martini

Vodka , Classics

It’ll wake you up, then eff you up.

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