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(image: Jessie Gibson)

Marzipan Old Fashioned

Mezcal Tequila , Modern Classics

Beverage director Cody Pruitt melts De La Rosa peanut marzipan candies into a marzipan syrup to sweeten this mezcal- and tequila-based Old Fashioned. A touch of oloroso sherry echoes the nutty flavors from the peanut-studded candy.

(image: Tim Nusog)

DIY Pink Gin

Gin , Classics

Adapted from the 1939 classic cocktail book The Gentleman’s Companion by Charles H. Baker, the original cocktail nods to the drink’s Navy roots, suggesting that the excess bitters “go back in the bottle, on the floor or out the porthole or window, depending upon who, where and what we are.”

(image: Tim Nusog)

Remember the Maine

Rye Whiskey , Classics

If you appreciate a good Manhattan—a rye Manhattan specifically—then the Remember the Maine will most likely find a home in your drinks repertoire. The cocktail comes from Charles H. Baker, Jr’s. The Gentleman’s Companion from 1939 and is notable for its additions of cherry liqueur and a touch of absinthe.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Wisconsin Old Fashioned

Brandy / Cognac , Classics

This cocktail, aka the Brandy Old Fashioned, is practically the official Wisconsin state drink and takes brandy instead of whiskey.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Rusty Nail


Cocktails don’t come much easier than this one, which has been around since the late 1930s. A lot of recipes suggest equal parts, but you’re better off starting with two ounces of scotch and a half ounce of Drambuie, tinkering until you find your personal ratio. No matter how you drink it, you’ll be channeling the Rat Pack in no time.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Vodka Red Bull

Vodka , Modern Classics

Sometimes you want an expertly made and well-balanced cocktail. And sometimes you want some booze and artificial energy. Enter the Vodka Red Bull, once and arguably still quite popular at many city clubs and beyond.


Maple Smoked Rumhattan

Rum , Modern Classics

This drink from Zak Doy of Toronto’s Rush Lane & Co. enlists the help of a maple plank for smoking the inside of a glass (and reinforces Canadian pride, of course).


Boozy Hot Chocolate


Add your favorite spirit for a personalized sweet treat.

(image: Tim Nusog)

Stone Fence


This two-ingredient autumnal classic is traditionally made using two ounces of rye, bourbon, rum or brandy and topped with apple cider.


Abbott Road

Gin , Modern Classics

For the 2016 NFL season, we had a bartender from each NFL team's hometown provide the perfect cocktail to represent their team.“Our goal in creating a cocktail for the Bills was to capture the pride of the fans, whose loyalty is steadfast win or lose,” says bartender Jeff Yannuzzi of Buffalo’s Toutant. “Abbott Road leads into the stadium area where the real Buffalo Bills fan spirit lives—the tailgate lots! We hope the drink represents the strength we have in numbers, and the power of combining our differences together to make something great.”Yannuzzi’s drink puts to use spirits from Buffalo distilleries, Tommyrotter American gin and Lockhouse Ibisco bitter (a New York State aperitif similar to Campari), as well as grapes from nearby vineyards and bitter local wildflower honey.”

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