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Audience Engagement Editor—the world’s leading and largest cocktails-and-spirits lifestyle publication—is seeking a talented Audience Engagement Editor to join its team. In this position, you will work with’s Audience Development, Content and Product groups to help develop and lead innovative strategies and executions for content-focused initiatives that drive audience growth and engagement. is a 7-year-old digital media startup with more than 1.7M registered email subscribers and nearly 1M social followers across various networks. In 2016, more than 23M unique visitors visited’s main offices are located in San Francisco and New York City. Preference is for this position to be based in San Francisco; qualified New York City-based candidates will also be considered.


  • Owning content strategy and posting execution for various social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter)
  • Identifying and creating new content, as well as rebundling existing content to drive engagement and traffic growth for social media and publisher partner channels
  • Managing editorial and community for’s content contributor section, DrinkWire (, which consists of more than 2,000 publishers, bloggers and bartenders
  • Identifying and co-developing new social media and partner distribution channels to build audience growth and engagement
  • Participating in web and email product optimizations to help build audience growth and engagement KPIs
  • Working with the Content team to identify new categories and formats to drive audience growth
  • Taking a leadership role in exploring product features, third-party tools and other innovative strategies to build a deeper reader community across
  • Sourcing images and editing provided photographs to increase audience engagement with new and existing stories being posted to various social channels
  • Managing the Social Media Assistant internship program, including recruiting, mentoring, training and overseeing intern work on a day-to-day basis
  • Collaborating on content selection, copywriting and strategy of FB Ads tests

Required Skills:

  • An ability to create compelling, top-quality content (copy and imagery) under tight deadlines
  • A keen editorial eye and the ability to upgrade legacy content and syndicated posts to a high quality bar
  • A strong interest in and aptitude for using both internal and external data to inform content-creation strategies for audience growth
  • Deep experience both developing high-level content strategies and executing posting tactics across a wide variety of social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter)
  • Very strong research, analytics and data analysis aptitude
  • Strong aesthetic sensibility, and familiarity with photo editing and/or graphic design
  • Experience with various “listening” and “posting” social media tools for optimizing workflow, user engagement, social content strategy and referral traffic volumes
  • An ability to write within the brand’s editorial voice, tone and style, and to adapt it appropriately to different mediums (e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter)
  • An ability to manage’s DrinkWire community of more than 2,000 cocktail and spirits bloggers, as well as a pool of skilled freelance writers, to create original content focused on driving referral traffic
  • A strong interest in cocktails, bars and spirits

Highly Desirable Skills:

  • Experience with Facebook Ad Manager
  • Experience with content SEO
  • Intermediate to advanced Photoshop aptitude
  • Experience mentoring junior employees
  • Deep knowledge of and passion for the world of cocktails, bars, products and the spirits industry

Interested applicants should respond to this posting with an e-mail containing (1) their resume and (2) a cover letter detailing their interests and experiences in some/all of the items listed above.

Please include relevant personal and professional social media account handles/links.

PLEASE BE SURE to send your application email to with the subject line: Audience Engagement Editor

Deputy Editor has an immediate opening for a deputy editor.

The deputy editor will be responsible for a range of duties. The role requires a keen interest in—and experience with—the world of cocktails, bars and spirits. It also demands a general understanding of the ways and contexts in which people drink that’s a world away from the buzziest speakeasy. The ideal candidate will have have an interest in the broader lifestyle around drinking: fashion, sports, design, food, etc.

In short, no matter if the content is highbrow or low, nerdy or mainstream, we are seeking someone who likes booze and the good life and wants to help tell smart, fun, accurate, engaging stories about it.

Above all else, the candidate should be a stickler for precision, accuracy and timeliness. This role demands a commitment to getting the job done well and on-schedule—no matter the obstacle.

If that sounds like you, apply here: (Don’t email, please!) The job is based in San Francisco.

The work is rewarding. The pay is competitive. The booze is (usually) free.


  • A passion for—and knowledge of—the drinks world, including bars, spirits and general lifestyle content, aka good living
  • At least 5 years editorial experience, best if at the senior level
  • At least 21 years of age (pretty much a given to have had at least 5 years of higher-level editorial experience)
  • A great writer and editor and—most important of all—self-driven task master
  • A deep network of industry connections
  • Lives in San Francisco or is willing to move to San Francisco
  • Knows what makes a good story, no matter if the story is told in email or on the web or on video or on social media
  • Adept at editing recipes
  • Understand and able to harness the power of social media
  • Works well with others and is able to multi-task and do so gracefully under pressure
  • Fun and easygoing but detail-oriented, with an unbending devotion to “getting it right”


  • Create and write original cocktail recipes
  • Edit cocktail recipes
  • Brainstorm and write stories about bars, bartenders, spirits and other related industry topics
  • Help assign stories to’s robust freelancer network
  • Produce and style cocktail photo shoots
  • Create and produce content for social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat

Assistant Events Project Coordinator, Trade Marketing (Part Time) is looking for a project coordinator/planner to play a supporting role in event planning and coordination. This individual contributor will be responsible for creating systems to organize, track and manage event execution end to end. This person will also support in the acquisition and management of vendors and will assist in coordination and execution of all additional elements needed for event inclusion. This position reports directly to the Director of Trade Marketing. Required Skills/Experience:

  • Bachelors Degree required
  • 1-3+ years of project management and/or event planning experience
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • General understanding of the digital advertising and marketing
  • Familiarity with Social Media marketing and its relevance within events
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, required
  • Interest and ability to work in a fast-paced operation on the events side of our business
  • Proven ability to work in a team-oriented environment
  • Proven self-starter, with ability to drive initiatives and end goals
  • Strong interest in events and/or spirits industry a must
  • Proven self-starter, with ability to drive initiatives and end goals
  • Experience using project management tools (e.g. Basecamp) is a plus
  • Contacts and existing relationships with vendors and venues is a plus
  • Ability to develop brand marketing materials for inclusion in events is a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

To Apply: is seeking candidates who will be a dedicated, on-site, part time (20 hours per week) employee in San Francisco, and who are eligible to work in the US. Please send your cover letter and resume to Please be sure to send the email with the subject line “Assistant Events Project Coordinator, Trade Marketing” Thank you.

Social Media Assistant Internship (Paid)—the world’s leading cocktails-and-spirits lifestyle publication—is looking for an exceptional “entrepreneur of tomorrow” who wants to develop their skills and experience in the social media space. This internship will focus on social content generation, social audience engagement and social audience growth hacking. has attracted many hundreds of thousands of Followers/Likes across social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Content links that posts to these social channels comprise a weighty percentage of the company’s 22 million annual unique web visitors and 1.6 million registered subscribers. During your internship, you’ll help us further grow these numbers significantly.

In this position, you will work closely alongside’s Audience Development, Content and Product groups to help develop, execute and analytically measure social media initiatives that drive social follower growth, social post engagement and referral traffic back to the website. During your time, you’ll gain valuable social media and audience growth experience, as well as build a portfolio of short original articles that you’ll be writing and publishing onto the website to be shared on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Who You Are + What Gets You Excited:

Cocktails, Spirits, Writing

  • You are over 21, enjoy a great drink and amazing food, and would love the opportunity to research and write interesting content on social media and the website about those subjects.
  • You are a great writer who is careful about how you craft and convey messages online. In your internship, you will use these skills to entertain and engage’s social audience.
  • You take pride in your writing and always proofread your work carefully.

Metrics, Analytics, Tools

  • You crave stats and data. You always know exactly how many FB Friends you have and the number of new Twitter and Instagram Followers you earned last week.
  • On website content pages, you can’t help but take note of how many social shares the article you’re reading has amassed.
  • You love numbers—especially big ones.
  • You’re interested in vastly expanding your depth of data-analysis knowledge and skills utilizing a hybrid of analytics tools and spreadsheets to research and report on the metrics of all of’s social efforts.
  • You’re at least vaguely familiar with some of the more popular social media tools (e.g., Hootsuite) and pick up new things (like social media tools of varying levels of complexity) very quickly.
  • Your curiosity about the “formula” that explains how and why content goes “viral” keeps you up at night.


  • When it comes to planning and saving links for later, Pinterest is your best friend.
  • You Follow—and are Followed by—a large number of people. (In fact, your Followers might even deem you a “Pinfluencer.”)
  • You understand how the various aspects of Pinterest work (e.g., boards, shared boards, repins, etc.), as well as what kinds of content tend to get lots of repins and clicks.
  • You’re interested in helping figure out how to “growth hack” Pinterest in order to vastly and rapidly increase its number of Followers and volume of referral traffic back to our website from that channel.
  • Some light graphic design experience (Photoshop, Elements, Canva, etc.) for creating custom pin images a major plus.


  • You use Snapchat daily and know how to keep your followers watching.
  • You stay up to date in the Snapchat world and keep track of the newest features and posting tactics.
  • You’re very interested in attracting and growing a large audience of followers on Snapchat.
  • You enjoy coming up with new creative ways to interact with your followers.


  • You are not just another one of Facebook’s ~166,000,000,000 users . . . you are an FB “power user” who utilizes your massive network of FB Friends and Page Likes to discover, share and consume the web’s most interesting content.
  • You actively follow and engage with many FB Pages. (Maybe you’ve even been a part of operating one in the past.)
  • You’re interested in helping conduct deep analyses of new posts on’s Facebook Page in order to identify high-engagement content topics and creative patterns (e.g., headline structures, photo formats, etc.) that result in above-average social engagements and clicks back to
  • You’re interested in learning about and helping to operate’s various artificial-intelligence posting tools that help the company identify the best content and times-of-day to post on various social channels for high post engagement and click rates back to

Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Medium

  • You’re a social media maven who explores and uses a number of various other social media channels than the ones listed above.
  • You’d be excited and delighted to help the team further explore these channels for incremental branding and referral traffic opportunities.
  • You follow other brand pages on these social platforms and can easily name which ones you think are successful in using these social channels.

Interested applicants should respond to this posting with an e-mail containing their resume and a cover letter detailing their interests and experiences in some/all of the items listed above. Please include all relevant personal and professional social media account handles/links. PLEASE BE SURE to send the email to with the subject line “Social Media Assistant Internship.”

Editorial Interns (Paid) is looking for a part-time editorial intern. The intern who is chosen will work with the editorial staff to help readers gain a better understanding of the cocktail and spirits world, as well as:

  • Research and pitch news stories and source information and images as needed
  • Produce and optimize social media on Facebook and Twitter channels
  • Write weekly Extended Happy Hour newsletters for New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Use WordPress to create new content pages
  • Assist in editing cocktail recipes
  • Chance to pitch and write feature articles


  • Must be age 21+ to apply.
  • Must be able to work for at least three days a week, both remotely and in midtown Manhattan
  • Understand how to work efficiently, quickly and carefully in a fast-paced digital media environment
  • Understand how social media functions—and why it matters in today’s media landscape
  • Know and care about the world of spirits, cocktails and all the ways people drink, whether in a dive bar or the poshest speakeasy

Apply here:

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