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Valley of the Dark Lords

Mezcal , Modern Classics

One part inspiration from a Blood & Sand, one part terrarium, this cocktail from GM Sol Trece is a terrestrial textural treat from La Cuevita in the Highland Park neighborhood of L.A. “We wanted a cocktail that if you were looking through a telescope from another planet you would see sand and living creatures,” says Trece. “We added turmeric for sand color and texture and chia seeds for the ‘creatures’ effect.’”

This recipe originally appeared as part of These 5 Star Wars Cocktail Recipes Come from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Cold Fashioned

Vodka , Modern Classics

Vodka, sherry and Cynar liqueur are more interesting mixers than milk and sugar. Try them with your next cold-brew coffee in this spin on the Old Fashioned.


Gin , Classics

A Gin & Tonic is one of life’s simplest, crispest pleasures, and it doesn’t get any easier to make than this one.

London Spritz

Gin , Modern Classics

The Aperol Spritz was the drink of the summer a few years ago. Beefeater Gin has given it a London upgrade by combining the bittersweet flavors of Aperol with the classic notes of a Gin & Tonic.

Eye Opener

Irish Whiskey , Modern Classics

For this cocktail, Jameson brand ambassador Killian Lee uses Jameson Caskmates, which is regular Jameson that has been finished in beer casks. The "eye-opening" part of this cocktail comes from the addition of cold-brew coffee. This is tempered by ginger–brown-sugar syrup and finished off with a bit of stout.

This recipe originally appeared as part of Irish Whiskey Is Very Good in Cocktails. Have You Had These 5 Ultimate Examples?

Black Barrel Old Fashioned

Irish Whiskey , Modern Classics

Jameson brand ambassador Killian Lee suggests using Jameson Black Barrel whiskey in this version of an Old Fashioned. The whiskey mingles with two different kinds of bitters and a little Bénédictine liqueur to amplify its malty sweetness, making it a worthy twist on the classic.

This recipe originally appeared as part of Irish Whiskey Is Very Good in Cocktails. Have You Had These 5 Ultimate Examples?


Liqueurs Vermouth / Aperitif Wine , Classics

The name is misleading, since this aperitivo is an Italian classic. It’s the perfect marriage of Campari and Cinzano, two of the most delicious and historic Italian exports. Encourage customers to kick off their brunch with this Italian original, and don’t settle for any knockoffs.

Aperol Spritz

Champagne & Sparkling Wine , Classics

A lot of people like a little something bubbly with their brunch. Move past the Mimosa and the rosé, and satisfy that craving with an Aperol Spritz. An Aperol Spritz is bubbly and low-proof, making it the perfect cocktail for daytime drinking. This is one of the most popular cocktails in Italy. Soon enough, it will be a favorite for your customers, too.

Hennessy Old Fashioned

Brandy / Cognac Cognac , Modern Classics

Try a citrusy take on the legendary cocktail.

Vieux Carré Sour

Brandy / Cognac Cognac , Modern Classics

Welcome the summer with open arms by making a citrusy, spicy spirit-forward spin on the classic Vieux Carré.

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