Jim Beam Red Stag Spiced Cinnamon

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About Jim Beam Red Stag Spiced Cinnamon

Jim Beam's Red Stag Spiced Cinnamon is made by infusing Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with natural cinnamon spice flavor. This flavor of Red Stag smells strongly of cinnamon spice but tastes more of cinnamon candy, the flavor and burn lingering in your mouth long after you've swallowed. Chill Red Stag Spiced Cinnamon and then shoot, use as a mixer, or enjoy in candy-flavored cocktails. While Jim Beam made the Red Stag line with signature cocktails in mind, it works just as well with cola.
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  • ba.harris03867 posted 12 months ago

    Good evening,
    I just joined this site. I was wondering if it's possible to buy the Jim Beam Red Stag spiced with cinnamon through this site or if anyone knows where I can buy it? It was available in Maine only in one liquor store for a very short time and I can't find it anywhere.
    Thank you for any input.

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