Jim Beam Red Stag Honey Tea

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About Jim Beam Red Stag Honey Tea

Jim Beam's Red Stag Honey Tea is made by infusing Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey with natural honey flavor. Designed with candy-flavored cocktails in mind, Red Stag Honey Tea is a sweet beverage. The spiciness from the bourbon is noticeable but the honey-sugar taste stands out the most. Chill Red Stag Honey Tea and then shoot it, use as a mixer, or blend into your favorite whiskey cocktail for an unique layer of flavor.
4 years

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  • lefever2 posted 5 months ago

    I mix a blend of Knob Creek or Bulleit w/ honey tea. I have bought all the Honey Tea in 3 states and everybody tells me they stopped making it. Please tell me their is a web site I can still buy it. Why would they quit making such a beautiful bourbon when so many are looking for it?

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