360 Double Chocolate Vodka

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About 360 Double Chocolate Vodka

360 Vodka is the world's first eco-friendly vodka brand and is quadruple-distilled and five-times filtered. This expression is everything you love about chocolate, in vodka form.
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  • slywlf posted 4 months ago

    Oh goody, nobody has shared it yet, so here is my 'recipe' ;-) Remember those orange flavored chocolate balls you had to whack to separate the segments? That was my jumping off point - a good shot of 360 Double Chocolate, some whole fat good quality canned coconut milk (not creme of coconut used for Pina Coladas) a few ice cubes and OJ into a single serve type blender for a good blitz, serve over more ice and ahhhhh. Then I remembered my days in a well known restaurant chain where I created several different shakes using chocolate and sherbet instead of ice cream.... my fave was made with lime. So I tried it using Limeade in place of the OJ - and OMG - refreshing and only as decadent as you want to make it. Less coconut milk makes for a lighter brighter cocktail, more takes it into Pina Colada territory. Like I said - it is a 'recipe' - make it to your own specs, sub regular cream for the coconut milk if you like (I can't - dairy allergy), but ya gotta try this!!

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