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Discussion (21)

  • ckett327ptdnet501466864 posted 2 weeks ago

    We visited a new distillery/restaurant in Lebanon, PA. Please look for Hidden Still Soirits for their Vodka, Gin, and barrel finished Gin. Worth a look!

  • madal posted 1 month ago

    Why do you make it so infernally difficult to register? If you don't accept caps for user names don't default to the cap being on. Fear crying out loud it took me 20 minutes to figure out all the hoops.

  • A C posted 2 months ago

    We're guessing they're house-made but this company does sell a commercial mango bitters:

  • scott.remmel.e047f posted 2 months ago

    The link for All About Absinthe in 60 Seconds doesn't seem to work. Can a new link be sent?

  • brendaw posted 2 months ago

    I am looking to make homemade spiced rum, not buy rum. Had I realized your site was not what I was looking for, I would not have created my profile. Please delete me.


  • posted 2 months ago

    where can you purchase mango bitters in a spray form for making the Wynwood daiguiri as I would like to use it to spray on my guests drinks when I make this fabulous drink that he has made thank you laura 8478099788

  • alscharter posted 5 months ago

    I love the 8 year old charter my grand father drank it & I have carried on a family tradition.

  • holtsclaw1995.cd3bc69 posted 5 months ago

    would like to order the orange dream blenders cannot get it in the store how do I order it from this site or can I please E mail me at holtsclaw1995

  • saucerman posted 5 months ago

    for your slides show on drink cocktails.....why oh why can you not put the recipe on the same page as the drink description....very very annoying to have to click to another page....especially on a mobile device - poor UX design

  • lizahawkinshotmailcom107890951 posted 5 months ago

    Hi there.. We are getting married in Italy in Sep and want to make a batch of 'Old Fashion' (whisky) take to Italy and then we are decanting it into tiny little bottles as favours.. I wondered if anyone had a fail safe recipe or nay tips ? I'm not sure how far in advance we could make it !!!

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