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Shochu , Modern Classics

At Washington, D.C.’s Dram & Grain, the latest menu was dubbed Dram & Global, offering a series of drinks inspired from different cities across the world, including this Tokyo-style highball.


Rum , Classics Tiki / Tropical

What's the perfect way to capture summer all year long? A well-mixed Mojito, of course. A decedent of the Cuban cocktail El Draque, this five ingredient highball is a favorite of many, including Ernest Hemingway.

Maple Smoked Rumhattan

Rum , Modern Classics

This drink from Zak Doy of Toronto’s Rush Lane & Co. enlists the help of a maple plank for smoking the inside of a glass (and reinforces Canadian pride, of course).

Abbott Road

Gin , Modern Classics

For football season, we had a bartender from each NFL team's hometown provide the perfect cocktail to represent their team.“Our goal in creating a cocktail for the Bills was to capture the pride of the fans, whose loyalty is steadfast win or lose,” says bartender Jeff Yannuzzi of Buffalo’s Toutant. “Abbott Road leads into the stadium area where the real Buffalo Bills fan spirit lives—the tailgate lots! We hope the drink represents the strength we have in numbers, and the power of combining our differences together to make something great.”Yannuzzi’s drink puts to use spirits from Buffalo distilleries, Tommyrotter American gin and Lockhouse Ibisco bitter (a New York State aperitif similar to Campari), as well as grapes from nearby vineyards and bitter local wildflower honey.”

Little FIB

Strega Tequila , Modern Classics

For football season, we had a bartender from each NFL team's hometown provide the perfect cocktail to represent their team. Hastings Cameron, a bartender at several Madison, Wisc., bars, including Imaginary Bar, describes this cocktail tribute to the Green Bay Packers as a “perverse Shamrock shake,” in which the mint and fennel of Strega are fortified by similar notes in gin from Death’s Door Spirits, a Wisconsin distillery.
“I grew up in Chicago rooting for the Packers as a little contrarian,” says Cameron. “As an adult, I still love blue and orange (mostly orange) but couldn’t possibly care less about the Bears, or the Cubs for that matter,” he says. While this drink was purely aesthetically inspired by the Packers’ team colors—“Lil Wayne didn’t need anything more than the team’s colors to inspire this,” says Cameron—it involves a pretty complex matcha foam, evidence of Cameron’s tendency toward molecular gastronomy-like bartending.The booziness of the cocktail is inspired by the ice-cold winters in Wisconsin. “Drink builds tend to swell in volume the farther north we get from Madison. The 2.5 ounces of 80-plus-proof booze is a nod to that cultural imperative,” he says.

Harvest Nog

Drambuie , Modern Classics

This drink doubles as a dessert and cocktail in one. Two different approaches to preparing acorn squash allow the vegetable to flex its muscles in a couple of different directions. For the vegetable-cocktail skittish, though, never fear: Allspice and clove help the drink to retain a more traditional “nog” flavor profile while adding in a welcome dose of crispness.

Let’s Pumpkin

Bourbon / American Whiskey , Punches

Because who doesn’t like a boozy jack-o’-lantern?

Stone & Co.

Gin , Frozen / Blended

Gin, cucumber and a Pop Rocks garnish.


Rum , Modern Classics

This rum cocktail by Emil Areng of Open/Closed was created for the Bacardi Legacy competition.

Warm in the Winter

Aquavit Gin , Tiki / Tropical

This completely vegan cocktail takes Tiki to a dramatic level.

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