Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey

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  • kmlopiccologmailcom546054336 posted 6 months ago

    This rye is just simply good!

  • vadr45 posted 1 year ago

    What is the mash bill? I assume that the word, "Straight" use on the label is simply the legal term requiring at least 51% of the mash be Rye. But I prefer the flavor imparted by a 100% rye mash. Does anyone know what percentage rye Heaven Hill uses with Rittenhouse Rye?

  • dontwantusername posted 2 years ago

    *on my cereal

  • Liquor.com posted 4 years ago

    Rittenhouse Rye is made by Heaven Hill Distilleries. We suggest you contact the brand directly to find out where you can get a bottle near you: http://www.heavenhill.com/contact-us.

  • Brightyoungthing posted 4 years ago

    Searched all around town. Can't seem to find it near me :-/

  • Bob Probert posted 4 years ago


    I write a spirits column for The Record, the large daily newspaper in northern New Jersey. I'm currently working on a story about rye and am considering featuring Rittenhouse in the piece.

    Would you be interested in helping me with it? If so, please contact me at the email I listed or give me a call at 646.912.1338. If there is a public relations company you work with and would prefer I talk to, please send me their contact information.



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