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  • maggieb59.b7003 posted 9 months ago

    I have a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label whisky, that my father got as a retirement present from his boss at a hotel, over fifty years ago.The front label says Old Scotch Whisky, produce of Scotland. the gold label at the bottom, states it's nett is 1 Pint & 6 ounces. Would anyone be able to give me ANY idea what it may be worth??

  • jorrell posted 11 months ago

    I purchased a bar a few years ago and during the renovation my contractor found a bottle of Scotch hidden in one of the a walls. I have recently taken it out of a box that i had been storing it in to examine it. It seems that it is a pre prohibition bottle from 1932. A Johnnie Walker Swing. (John Walker & Sons Ltd.) It states federal law prohibits sale or use of this bottle molded into the glass just above the shoulders of the bottle. Does anyone know what the value is?

  • Dkeaveney103 posted 2 years ago

    Gold and green are no longer produced by Johnny Walker. Also, black label is the most counterfeited spirit world wide.

  • mgantmawgmailcom1370920662 posted 2 years ago

    I like gold label

  • kgoeman posted 2 years ago

    JW red is a great everyday scotch - my favorite - One part JW, One part water, One part 7up, mmmmm

  • bettysdad posted 2 years ago

    Every few months I go to the best liquor store I know to buy half a dozen bottles of Scotch I haven't had; both blends and single malts. I've been doing this for about 5 years. I haven't found anything I like more than Johnny Walker Black. And there are a lot of very good Scotches out there with little known names.

  • R.M. posted 3 years ago

    Black is good, great for your everyday go-to Scotch, but far from "The ultimate." Blue is far superior than Black, but also far more expensive. However if it doesn't break the bank, get a bottle of Blue for those special occasions. On those times, my drinking friend and I would comment on how smooth Blue is, "As if you were drinking water."

  • R.M. posted 3 years ago

    If you like your Scotch more smoky, than you'll like Double Black. You can taste that it's really their Black, only they'll aged it in charred barrels to bring more of a peaty smoke flavor. I like it. I quickly picked up a second barrel because I don't see widely available. I alternate between that and their Black. Some days, you want something a little more flavor and complexity.

  • D Kennedy posted 3 years ago

    BTW, I purchased on-board a bottle of Double Black but haven't opened it. I'm secretly fearing I may not like it as much as [ordinary] Black. Has anyone an opinion here. I don't see much traffic on what to expect with the Double.

  • D Kennedy posted 3 years ago

    Come on now...the red is certainly's just that after you've tried the Black, there's no going back. For my taste, the Black is the ultimate....wait, wait, I can't afford anything higher but can't imagine that they are much superior to the Black.....I would like to hear from someone who has compared Black with Blue...

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