Jim Beam Bourbon

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  • wayne kracht posted 4 years ago

    tonite I purchased 2 airplane bottles of the jim beam maple.myself and my friend are avid beam drinkers and agree that this type of beam is nasty.

  • Ron Miller posted 4 years ago

    Let me see...in the mood for whiskey. That only happens on days that end in "Y".

  • Josh posted 5 years ago

    I've bought this more than once, is a good bourbon. But you got to be in the mood for whisky though.

  • Rob posted 5 years ago

    Knob Creek straight or on the rocks is the perfect cure for sitting in an airport lounge.

  • Wyman posted 7 years ago

    How much are you asking for them?

  • Al Cleet posted 7 years ago

    I have a bottle of bourbon brewded in 1917 & bottled in 1933 under the American Medical Society. The seal has never been broken and the contants are about at 97% full. I am interested in selling this

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