Bulleit Bourbon

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  • Crazy Dave posted 4 months ago

    I avoided Bulleit for a while because I thought the name was gimmicky. I finally broke down and gave it a try when a good friend recommended it. I like it quite a bit and feel that both the bourbon and the rye punch above their weight. I actually prefer the standard bourbon over the 10 year old, which is too smooth for my tastes, but I can see how others might prefer it straight. I drink it straight or on the rock, and it works either way.

  • Gallo Rojo posted 2 years ago

    As a longtime ''scotch drinker...Bulleit Rye has almost converted me...Love the burn and not sweet.

  • miguereyhotmailcom951850056 posted 2 years ago

    Can i Get a buillet Bourbon in mcallen txs?

  • Jack Palmer posted 6 years ago

    A bit pricey for an average whiskey. OK, in a pinch, but there are better, smoother, whiskeys with less burn.

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