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Warm in the Winter

Aquavit Gin

This completely vegan cocktail takes Tiki to a dramatic level.


Santa Marea

Gin , Modern Classics

This cocktail, served at Barcelona gin joint Bobby Gin, is perfect for day drinking.



Gin , Tiki / Tropical

This cocktail is the gin-based, day-drinking sipper of choice at Barcelona’s Polaroid Bar.


Ginger Gin Fizz

Gin , Modern Classics

This brunch cocktail, served at Barcelona’s popular Xixbar, is ideal for an early-morning pick-me-up.


Salty Dog

Gin Vodka , Classics

This classic cooler can be made with vodka or gin and is perfect for a warm sunny day.



Gin , Modern Classics

Although beets maybe seem like an odd or unnecessary addition to a shrub, they actually keep the sweetness in check with a welcome earthiness. And the shrub makes a fantastic mixer in this gin and Campari cocktail.


Blue Milk of Tatooine

Gin , Modern Classics

Channel the alien planet from Star Wars with this creamy combination of gin, coconut cream and blue curaçao.


More Cowbell

Gin , Martinis Modern Classics

Bitter amaro bites through this otherwise “spritzy” drink, made with gin, aperol and silky gum syrup.


Stranger in the Alps

Gin , Modern Classics

This riff on the Negroni features an Italian alpine amaro that adds a minty, pine essence to this fall cocktail.

drink-me-now-pears-pear and elderflower collins-720x720-recipe (1)

Pear & Elderflower Collins

Gin Vodka , Modern Classics

Pear puree and pear liqueur add a double dose of fall flavor to this bubbly highball.

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