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The Perfect Shower Beer Has Arrived

By It doubles as a conditioner, too.

Science Says Guys Nights Help Keep Men Healthy

By Those nights out with your friends may be the key to a healthy life.
(image: Gabi Porter)

A Caddyshack Themed Bar is Headed to Chicago

By Bill Murray fans, your wildest dreams are about to come true!
Katherine Hysmith for the Young Austinian

7 Perfect Tailgating Shots and Cocktails

By Make the most of the rest of the season.
(image: Eight Row Flint)

This Bar Wants Everybody to Get Pappy Van Winkle for Christmas

By They're going to sell their whole allocation by the shot in one day.
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New Boozy Emojis Have Arrived Just in Time for the Holidays

By New icons let you toast friends or show your whiskey cred without a single word.

Dodge a Hangover with the Right Holiday Spirits

By Drink smarter when your celebration schedule demands a little excess.
(image: Rolling Stone)

The 6 Booziest Christmas Characters of All Time

By These fictional folks are definitely on the naughty list.

Fireball Rolls Out a New “Firebox” Package for Tailgate Season

By Move over, boxed wine. Now there's cinnamon whisky on tap.
(image: USA Today Sports)

All the Amazing Boozy Ways Chicago Cubs Fan Are Celebrating

By Breaking a 108-year curse calls for a celebratory drink.
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The Story Behind the Seelbach Cocktail? Absolutely Fake.

By The bartender behind the drink's "rediscovery" confesses he made it all up.
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Experts Confirm That “Beer Goggles” Aren’t Just a Myth

By Scientists have confirmed what we've all known for years: drinking gets rid of shyness surrounding sex.
(image: @EricTrump twitter)

Angry Drinkers Boycott Yuengling Beer as Owner Endorses Trump

By The East Coast cult brew is in hot water with customers.
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The 7 Craziest Drunk Moments in Reality TV History

By Alcohol and D-list celebrities: A match made in showbiz heaven.
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You Probably Have No Idea How Drunk You Actually Are

By According to a new study, you're probably way off the mark.
(image: Anheuser Busch)

Budweiser’s New Self-Driving Truck Makes a Debut Beer Run

By Anheuser Busch and Otto made the first commercial delivery without a human behind the wheel.
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This Magic Wand Wants To Make Your Hangover Disappear

By What if you could drink with the promise of a hangover-free tomorrow?
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Drink Like Han Solo at the Star Wars Cantina Bar

By It's a reproduction of the Mos Eisley Cantina complete with intergalactic chaos and interspecies debauchery.
(image: Tim Nusog)

The 5 Most Popular Cocktails of 2016

By Follow along on this countdown and you'll see some familiar faces.
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5 Actors We Think Could Play the Most Interesting Man in the World

By Not excited about Jonathan Goldsmith's replacement? Here are 5 better choices.
Mezcal Week

Mezcal Week is Coming to a Bar Near You

By Events are set to take place in bars, restaurants and cultural institutions all over the country.
(image: Sanrio, Inc)

Hello Kitty Wine is a Real Thing

By Getting drunk just got way more adorable.
(image: Pursuitist)

Meet the Cognac That Sold For More Than $130K

By What's the most you'd ever spend on a bottle of liquor? $100? $500? How about $134,750?
(image: Manchester Evening News)

Archaeologists Dig Up 200-Year-Old Pub

By The contents included 20 bottles of untouched brandy!
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The 8 Worst Beers on TV

By They're popular on the small screen, but we're not jealous.
(image: @na_blah/Instagram)

Your New Favorite Shot Glass Is an Ice Cream Cone

By And it's lined with layers of chocolate for a leak-proof seal. Brilliant!
(image: Mike Stocker/Sun Sentinel)

Floating Tiki Bars Are Real and They’re Amazing

By Is this the future of water travel? We hope so!

Study Finds a Few Workouts a Week Can Cancel Out Alcohol

By Time to find a gym near your favorite bar.
(image: Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post)

Ballpark Beer Vendor “Captain Earthman” Diagnosed with Brain Cancer

By Brent Doeden has been a colorful staple at the Denver ballpark since its opening in 1995.
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Living Legends Who Prove Booze Helps You Live Longer

By The fountain of youth may be as close as your liquor store.
(image: Breckenridge Brewery/Oren Aks/Thrillist)

Pumpkin Spice Lattes Just Got a Whole Lot Better

By Move over, Starbucks! There's a new PSL addiction brewing.
(image: Brewdog)

Could Any Beer Be Worth $20,000?

By Made to celebrate the launch of Brewdog's U.S. operations, the super-strong ale is wrapped in a real squirrel.
(image: Tim Nusog)

Happy Hour in a Snack: Moscow Mule Potato Chips

By The beloved cocktail is now officially available in chip form.

This “Ginternship” May Be the Coolest Gig Ever

By An English company seeks applicants to research craft gins and mixers.
(image: Glen Stubbe - Star Tribune)

Amazon Launches One-Hour Alcohol Delivery in Select Cities

By Beer, wine and spirits get delivered straight to your front door.
Plantation OFTD rum geniuses 720sq

Plantation’s New Overproof Rum Has Serious Credentials

By Backed by some of rum's biggest names, it's hard to ignore this new overproof spirit.
(image: Wikimedia)

Time to Stock Up on Champagne as Shortage Looms

By Bubbly growers say 2016 will be the worst season in many years.
(image: AFP Photo/Fabrice Coffrini)

Olympic Gymnast Expelled for Drinking in Rio

By The Dutch gymnast known as "Lord of the Rings" gets sent packing after a boozy night in Rio that made him miss curfew.

Study Shows Male-Heavy Bar Crowds Lead to Drunkenness

By Stick to Ladies' Night if you're not ready for booze-induced debauchery.
(image: Wild Turkey)

Wild Turkey Names Matthew McConaughey Creative Director

By He's more than just another pretty face with a booze endorsement.
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The 9 Hip-Hop Booze Partnerships You Need to Know

By They've got 99 problems but a bottle ain't one.
(image: Frank Geenen)

Urine Can Now Be Recycled into Beer Thanks to Science

By You could basically drink the same six-pack for the rest of your life.

The Smithsonian is Seriously Hiring a Beer Historian

By The National Museum of American History wants to hire the ultimate brew nerd.

Calorie Counts Are Coming to Beer Labels

By Many major brews will soon include nutritional data on their bottles and cans.

Watch a Bartender Pour 17 Jäger Bombs at Once

By This world-record feat takes flair bartending to a whole new level.
(image: Fox 31)

Truck Crash Causes Beer to Rain From the Sky

By Have you ever been told not to cry over spilled milk? What about spilled beer?

Couples Who Booze Together Stay Together

By The secrets to a successful relationship: trust, communication and... alcohol compatibility?
(image: ThinkGeek)

Star Wars Tiki Mugs Are Here And They’re Awesome

By Drink, or drink not. There is no try!
(image: IGN)

A New “Game of Thrones” Beer is Coming

By Drown your disappointment with a bottle of Ommegang's new Arya-themed Tripel.
image: Somabar

The ‘Keurig for Cocktails’ is Now Available to Order

By Somabar can mix up virtually any craft cocktail at the touch of a button, and it's available for preorder.
Image: BigBenEats

Boozy Pokéball Treats for Your Adult Pokémon Go Party

By Ideas for cocktail treats inspired by Pokéball... or Voltorb.

KLM Airlines Set to Offer Draft Beer on Flights

By The Dutch air carrier partnered with Heineken to create a custom keg system that works at altitude.
sugarfina-rose-gummy-bears 720square

Rosé Gummy Bears Are Summer’s Hottest Treat

By Yes way, rosé! These luxury candies sold out in only 2 hours, but you can get on the waitlist.