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  • afrikaner posted 2 years ago

    And this in Namibia if you wonder........

  • afrikaner posted 2 years ago

    Hi guys.....this is killing me to ask but i need to know as i`m running two restaurants. i need to get a real party to really really push the gears of my customers.....what is the best option where do i do wrong cooking, baking goes well but the bar in a cossy corner just dont want to make, option 1. to rent it out 2. or tell me what is the best to do........

  • creativeculinary posted 3 years ago

    Ahem. I CARE!!! But then I live in Denver so if I didn't that might actually be a problem. I love this team. I love Payton Manning. I know all of Denver does so yes I have to say it. GO BRONCOS!! The Duck and Cover sounds good but I'm making an orange cocktail in their honor for my Friday booze post. Not sure what yet, just sure it will be orange. Aperol is at the top of the list to figure in there somewhere!

  • shelly.gustafson.75 posted 3 years ago

    I work at an establishment in northern minnesota, unfortunately it hard to get these patrons to try new things. Beer, vodka and whiskey, beer, vodka, whiskey! But i love taking recipes and ideas and add them to what we already use!!

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