10 Revealing Predictions for What You’ll Be Drinking in 2015

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The future of cocktails is bright—and bottled.

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  • opinionated.alchemist.1f0d posted 2 years ago

    Sorry - but these predictions are all nonsense:

    Shots and beers? Well maybe in few bars - but not as a "new" trend mainstream - drinking habits just have changed.
    Robots? Well - I do think, that in a couple of years, more cocktail automats [not these type of robots which are just flashy on a cruiseliner] will do cocktails in some system gastronomical bars. But 1) they won't totally replace a bartender, 2) these are not craft cocktails, what these machines are doing and 3) we are talking maybe about 2020!
    Cocktails by mail and RTD's? Yes - off course, it will increase - but just by a margin. There are still too big hurdles due to the fact, that fresh citrus juices are not translating good in pasteurized [or shelfstable] products.
    So no - not a major trend!

    Baiju??? The author has to be either way Chinese [which grown up with the stuff] or might not even have tried ever Baiju!!! Baiju is vile. Definitely not close to be accessible for the majority of drinkers.

    Barrel aged gins? Too few products on the market... give it a couple of more years... but even then, there is little hope, that this will become a major trend [by the way, Korenwijn is produced since centuries and is originally aged "Dutch gin"].

    Other agave spirits? There are too few brands around. Sotol is already long time on the market - however never really took off. The other two are too crude, and honestly, Mezcal might just grow further. These niche products might be adapted by few tequila bars, but nothing further!

    And the rest of the pack? C'mon!

    I am not sure, who put this list together. Or who the author thinks, is reading this stuff! It surely doesn't make sense, for anyone who is a seasoned bartender!

  • azureblue posted 2 years ago

    2015 will be all about Mezcal! We have a United States population that is growing more Latino/Spanish and the growing spirit for young people is quality premium Mezcal..... My favorite is Tres Pueblos; it won best in show at the presigious 2014 San Diego tequila and Mezcal blind tasting competition. All the very best, Azure

  • mike.shelton.948 posted 2 years ago

    Robot or automated bartenders are absurd. The biggest thing is talking to your bartenders are life, sports, etc. Stupid prediction.

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