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  • Terrah posted 7 years ago

    Actually,almost all bars do have bitters (angostura being the brand name). In addition to being an additive to some cocktails, it is also great for an upset stomach, indigestion, and heartburn.

  • Noah Rothbaum (Editor-in-Chief, Liquor.com) posted 7 years ago

    Lisa, if you have the time and ingredients, these recipes are well worth the effort. However, here are some other great cocktail recipes that are quick, simple and easy:



  • lisa howard posted 7 years ago

    well i like the idea of some new drink ideas. but is there any simpler ones. maybe with some ingredients that one would have in their home. or most bars would have in their stock. i don't think they will have ginger root, chamomile tea infused simple syrup?, pumpkin butter, fresh pear, or oh angostura bitters?. give me a break

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